More Things To Do This Year!


I have updated my Bob’s Garage Calendars with a bunch of new events!

There are lots of stuff going on throughout the summer cruise months. So feel free to browse through and see what catches your eye! I am already making my check marks on the ones I want to attend. Maybe I will see you there!

Bob’s Garage site

So … take a look!  Thanx!

Dearborn 2015 – the good and the bad


It was a short but productive event for me

Short as in 6 hours short, to be exact!

The Dearborn 2015 swap meet is a premier 2 day event [July 18/19] and I had every intention of staying overnight on the Chelsea County Fairgrounds  compound which is about 60 miles out for me. It is a 45 year old event that I have participated in for going on 20 years. And a big facet of it is the social gathering of local gearheads. But as we all know things evolve rapidly.

The weather was predicted to be sunny, rain free and HOT! I got there early and set up on my indoor spot right next to a nice big overhead door. I paid for my spot within 20 minutes of unpacking. The rest of the morning was in and out of the selling mode and into the shopping / buying mode. At a swap early is good! All the neat stuff is still there.

My prize of the day was a 14 inch Hitachi Cut-off saw for $40! [ It’s bad when you aren’t getting parts or goodies but shop tools! ] But I could not pass it up.  I actually had multiple request from customer at my spot throughout my stay as to whether I was selling it. NOPE! A long time swap friend had some headrests for me so I picked those up also.

Don’t believe the weather guy!

The day progressed into a very hot one. 90+ degrees and humid. Tolerable. And I did a good business so the day was doing well for me. Then about 2PMish the sky from the west got black quickly. I mean gray / black and building fast. I was inside so it really wasn’t a big concern. A lot of vendors were looking to the sky and scrambling to cover their goods. Then the front came through. It was a cool rush but what a rush!  It took out a handful of canopies in just minutes. Then the downpour started. Kinda refreshing but really wet. Thank You Captain Obvious!

While it only lasted about 20 minutes it cleared quickly and turned what was a hot sticky day into a really hot really muggy day. So with no relief in sight for the rest of the day I made a unilateral decision to take the money and run. So I packed up and called it a day. And an event.

I did very well sales wise, made some money, got some stuff along the way and I made the trip easily thanks to  Wun Tunn Zoop. But the ultimate plus was an evening at home. In the air conditioning! And with a nice shower. Not in the van.

My day at Billetproof / Detroit Dragway Reunion 2015


A nice day hanging out at Milan Dragway

Rat rods and nostalgia dragsters! What a combo!

DSCN5198Even though the day was a bit overcast and humid it was a great day out. I was at Milan Dragway spending some time with my son, Steve, and my grandson Liam. It was Liam’s first time at a dragstrip. Loud but way kool!

The last few years have seen the merging of two cool shows. The rat rod event Billetproof and nostalgia dragster event The Detroit Dragway Reunion. The dragsters just love the heavy humid air. They go like gangbusters. And it makes for one nice show. And with the spectator side full of rat rods and the pit side crammed full of current and legendary dragsters and drag racers like Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen, what a day!

Lots of pics so I broke them in half. Same place just different sides of the track.  Billetproof and the Detroit Dragway Reunion. Pick a direction and check them both out.

Detroit Dragway Reunion 2015 /  June 13

Detroit Dragway Reunion 2015 / GALLERY

Billetproof 2015 / June 13

Billetproof 2015 / GALLERY

Mt. Clemens Cruise 2015


Mt. Clemens Cruise

Just hangin out in downtown Mt Clemens

Breakfast at Gus's

Breakfast at Gus’s

The season for cruising here in Metro Detroit has begun! The Mt. Clemens Cruise is one of the first big outings of the season and it is on the main street of downtown Mt. Clemens. I went to the show and met my son, Steve and my grandson, Liam for a nice day of car stuff. It was a very bright sunny day. Perfect for a car show. After a nice breakfast at Gus’s we headed out to wander through the show and enjoy the day. Nice!

Mt Clemens Cruise 2015


THE Woodward Dream Cruise 2014


Mustang Alley and the Ferndale Dream Cruise Show

Since I didn’t have to deliver my car today at 0630 it made my day a bit easier to manage. I was able to head out about 0930 and found a good parking spot and proceeded to check out all the sights and venues in and around the 9 Mile Road and Woodward corner.

There was lots going on with the festival and vendors on the west side of Woodward and the Ford Mustang Alley on the east side. As usual there was a nice manufacturers row in Mustang Alley. With Roush, Ford Motorsport, MRT and others. And the there were lots of Mustangs! They lined 9 Mile from Woodward not quite to Hilton.  They also filled the many side lots along the route. And it is my opinion that I don’t believe there were as many as last year. I may be mistaken but it appeared to me that way.

Mustang Alley 2014

Mustang Alley 2014

I wandered the Mustang Alley in search of the older Mustangs. I passed tons of the newer ones but they don’t interest me at all. There was even a lot full of all years of just green Bullit Edition Mustangs! I was able to find many of the first generations of Mustangs, 65 to 73, and check them out for any details that interested me. I did find a few that I was able to glean some ideas and layouts that I can use in my projects.

I did get some ideas like a unique single pin retainer for the trunk, a well done Duraspark unit mount, some way cool floor inserts and a slick seatbelt mount point. All in all it was a productive stroll through Mustang Alley and the surrounding venues.

I did take a break for lunch complete with a Turbo Dog beer and an Angus burger at  Howe’s Bayou on Woodward. And I ran into many friends and acquaintances in my extended wanderings. Super nice! I had the pleasure of spending some time with my son, Steve, and my grandson, Liam, walking a section of Woodward while they cruise their bikes along the route. Way super finish to a great day.

The Bikers Steve and Liam

The Bikers Steve and Liam

I will be going to the 50th Anniversary Show at Ford tomorrow and I will see if I can get some more ideas along the way. If my feet hold out it should be way cool. And getting there shouldn’t be a problem now that all the flooding of the great rain storm of 2014 have subsided. So I will have at it again tomorrow. That’s it for now.