It’s just a pair of keys!


Not parakeets …. a pair of keys!

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

It’s been a nagging concern of mine not having two keys for Wun Tun Zoop. Since I acquired the van I had two key fobs but only one key. Not having a backup is usually a bad idea. And in the case of my van it is a one-key system. All five locks are the same key. And the option of changing the whole five lock set was not only pricey, it was also a real pain in the neck mechanically. And then you can throw in the original key was a bit worn so it was at times a bit finicky when you tried to turn the ignition. Nothing earth-shaking just a bit of an annoyance. So I opted to just get a pair of new keys made.

So after over a year of running Wun Tun Zoop with only one key I decided this morning to fix that. So I went to the local GMC dealer, Suburban Buick GMC, just down the street in Ferndale, MI and had a pair of new keys made.

I must say that it was pretty much a quick and dirty order them and pay the man scenario. And the price was right. 11 dollars a key. And I noted, after the fact, that the parts guys apparently waived the usual 15 dollar “VIN access” fee for database access to the original key codes from GM. So the ultimate price was a paltry 22 dollars. Very nice of them. I really appreciate that. Thanx guys!

So now I have my two NEW keys and the oldie. The oldie will go in the safe and the new guys get to “hang out” on the key rack. Get it! HANG OUT!? Never mind. Later!

More Things To Do This Year!


I have updated my Bob’s Garage Calendars with a bunch of new events!

There are lots of stuff going on throughout the summer cruise months. So feel free to browse through and see what catches your eye! I am already making my check marks on the ones I want to attend. Maybe I will see you there!

Bob’s Garage site

So … take a look!  Thanx!

New and Improved Bob’s Garage


I just updated the GARAGE part of BZEROB.COM

I have made the conversion from Bootstap to Bass. The css is leaner and that means quicker. I must admit it took some work but I think it was worth it.

And the new version is updated to lean down the site but also to add some new features. Like Cruise Videos and info. I will be adding some other stuff as I can get to it. There is a bit more tweaking to do for the very small screens but it is tolerable for now.

Check it out and enjoy the new view!

Bob's Garage site

Bob’s Garage site

Found a cool site!


While rummaging around on the web I found this cool site.  Not sure what to make of it yet but I will say it is creative! I like it! If you are a gearhead you gotta like this.


Wun Tunn Zoop doesn’t want to get up!

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

Some sort of charging issue

It appears that the rear battery is getting short changed

I have had some issues with the diesel not cranking up the way it should.It has been intermittent at best through the winter. I have not had a chance to check out the factory block heater for functionality to see if that will help in cold weather starting. For now I will attack it as a charging / battery issue.

So I decided to tackle it since I had a nice day at hand. I started by taking out both batteries. The main one in the engine compartment and the other on the rear frame. Both are relatively new and premium Group 78 batteries. After taking them in for testing at the local O’Reilly where I work I discovered that the primary battery was actually OK but the rear battery was way run down. They both checked good so I went ahead and got them both fully charged and headed back to the garage.

I made a concerted effort to clean and reset the rear battery ground. It is a simple 12″ cable that bolts to the chassis. After removing the mount bolt I cleaned the contact area down, cleaned the terminal end and remounted the battery and box. And let me tell you, this is no small task. You have to mount the battery into the box and then lift the assembled pair up onto a pair of frame bolts. I have to use a jack to lift them because it is tight and the battery alone weighs in around 40 lbs !

Then I went up front to the engine bay. The van has a 3-way post setup on the core support that splits the feed and battery cables up. It appears that it has never been disassembled or cleaned. So I did it. Now all the cable ends are clean and snug. It didn’t appear to have ant issues but it is better now. After reassembling the cable block I hooked all the batteries back up.

I gave it a test start and run which went off easily. But that is with freshly charged batteries. I will have to give it a road test, maybe tomorrow, and then recheck the battery status to get a better picture on if I did fix the issue. If I did, sweet! If not, then I have more work to do. I am even considering changing out the starter  as a preemptive measure. We shall see!

New features for Bob’s Garage site


The GARAGE main page has a new look.


New! Newsletter Sign-up

The BZEROB.COM main page and the BOB’S GARAGE main page include a Newsletter sign up that uses my Mailchimp account. Something new for me but I am going to give it a try and see how it works out. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Sadly there is no winter snow feature on the GARAGE main page …. yet. If I can find an appropriate image maybe at a latter date.The BZEROB main page and the LIBRARY have it.

There are also some updated looks for the individual car sections that include some slide in / out menus. Not all of the car sections are updated yet but I am working on it.


I spent some time streamlining a lot of the CSS and I am using a different CDN for the major scripts in an attempt to get it all to happen a bit quicker.

I may still reintroduce my in-house  WordPress blog but I have some work to do before that happens. Another project.So for now the hosted blog will continue to be in play.

All in all I will continue to update the pages as I can get to them. So stay tuned for some new versions of various pages in the GARAGE. Check back every so often and see what has changed.

Consider yourself Updated

Fixing some little site stuff


Media Queries are still new to me!

But I am getting a handle on them. I spent some time and figured out why some of the site features weren’t behaving like I wanted on the smaller screens. Mostly attributed to some bad typing on my part.

New Features

The new snow feature on the main page is now acting like it is supposed to. And as a sidebar I have been tinkering with a newsletter feature. I signed up for Mailchimp rather than try to do it by my lonesome. It should be up this week some time. Still working on the newsletter itself.

Some other tweaking was done and at this time it appears to be OK. If you see something amiss let me know. I may have missed something on the smaller screens [ handhelds ] especially.

That’s it for now! Take a look at the new site layout when you get a chance! Thanx!