Time for the SUMMER updates!


Woodward Dream Cruise Day overhead 13 Mile Road to 15 Mile Road. Keep in mind the cruise is from 9 Mile to Pontiac!

Summer Header Graphics and Calendar Updates

We are fast approaching the opening of cruise season on June 9 and the  outdoor show season has officially begun as of this last weekend. At least here in Metro Detroit.

There are some updates to the cruise calendar and some adds to the other events calendars so take a look and see what may be coming up. It gets busy so once again I am taking the summer off from working in order to enjoy myself and get out and about. I like being retired!

While there have been some small page tweaks along the way this is basically a seasonal update. The Main headers on all the sections are now the summer versions. The winter versions have been retired until in October / November.

So, with that all said, I am going to get back to work on the cars and get ready for the granddaddy of all cruises, the Woodward Dream Cruise on August 18! Stay tuned!


Another Update!


This is a simple structural update

No content was harmed. Actually a few adds.

This update was a unilateral decision for organizational reasons. Not that this is a spectacular high traffic site but more for my own maintainability issues. So consider yourself informed and click on through!


New Updates for the New Year


Here we are in the new year and I have just updated the main site.

Just the MAIN site for now.

The GARAGE and LIBRARY will get tweaked as time permits.

Most of the changes are an effort to consolidate and tune it up for speed. I pared down the fluff and get it nice without getting carried away. Here is a quick look at the new main page. Click on the image and you can see it live!


For now the winter headers with the snow effect will be up until March .. ish. Then I will put in the summer headers. And the 2018 cruise calendars are being assembled as we speak. Not all of the dates are finalized but they are coming.

All the core stuff is there with a few graphic enhancements along the way. Feel free to give a it a look and spot the updates.. If you haven’t been there before feel free to check it out with the fresh site.

Like I said more to  come! Just be patient.

Burnout – Been there, Done that! Fixed it!


How did I fix it? I retired!

Having one too many bad days at work? You’re burning out! WHAT IS BURNOUT? A state of being in prolonged stress resulting in: Emotional exhaustion Feelings of bleakness Feelings of helplessness Hallmarks: Mental, physical and emotional exhaustion Burnout leaves you feeling psychologically drained Workplace burnout is the most common type You are not alone: Of […]

via BURNOUT — venitism

It’s braking time!



Taking a look at the bearings and brakes on the camper


I spent some time today disassembling the wheels and checking the brake units on the camper. As I suspected the bearings were in good shape and a quick cleaning and repacking was in order.

The Brakes

I can’t say the same for the brake units. This camper has electric brakes. They are small 7′ by 1 1/2″ units. The passenger side was a total disaster. When I removed the drum/hub the brake pad material literally dropped out! Not good! So I removed the 4 nuts that hold the unit on to the axle and removed the unit.

The driver side was similar but this time the coil assembly dropped out! I attempted to get the 4 nuts off to remove the unit only one decided to break the mount stud weld inside the unit so I had to do some additional disassembly of the brake unit to get to the stud in order to get the nut off. Not really hard just annoying. But I did it.

I went to a local parts store and got some new seals and proceeded to clean and repack the bearings. And after a cleanup of the drums inside I assembled the hubs, reinstalled them, and adjusted them uneventfully.

Things To Do

So now it is an online hunt for some new brake units. No biggie. They are fully assembled and install with the four studs and nuts. Then a couple of wire hookups and we’re good to go. Literally. With fully functional brakes! Nice!



It does pay to be creative and different!


I am part of a Detroit News article!

While “cruising the web” I stumbled across a Woodward Dream Cruise article in the Detroit News

Coolest Dream Cruise grilles and details

As I scrolled through the article, low and behold, there was the grille of MY Mustang! I was kind of taken aback that it was there and then I was pleased that it caught the eye of the photographer. All I can say is that I built it as a diversion from the normal Mustang grille but it gets some other attention because of that fact.

I am pleased with the outcome! Nice!