It does pay to be creative and different!


I am part of a Detroit News article!

While “cruising the web” I stumbled across a Woodward Dream Cruise article in the Detroit News

Coolest Dream Cruise grilles and details

As I scrolled through the article, low and behold, there was the grille of MY Mustang! I was kind of taken aback that it was there and then I was pleased that it caught the eye of the photographer. All I can say is that I built it as a diversion from the normal Mustang grille but it gets some other attention because of that fact.

I am pleased with the outcome! Nice!


A day out at the Clinton Township Gratiot Cruise


Clinton Township Gratiot Cruise

Telegraph 2016

Telegraph 2016

The last cruise before the silliness of the Woodward Dream Cruise turned out to be a great day! The weather was nice, clear and cool, perfect for a cruise. And Gratiot from 14 mile to 17 Mile was covered with cruisers and spectators starting att 9 AM. I headed out about 9ish and after stopping at the party store for some ice and then a stop for a fill-up on fuel I was on my way. Once I got to Gratiot I made  a quick circuit of the route. On my way back south I spotted some of my cruise buddies just south of 15 Mile. I was able to park with the group and “set up camp”.

From there it was an afternoon of catching up on all the latest stuff from all of us. The traffic grew as the day progressed and after it’s official kick-off  at 11 AM it was one big cruise party. I took time to make a circuit and along the way stopped for a lunch break at Kerby’s Coney Island for coneys and fries. what else?! Then it was back out on Gratiot for the remainder of the circuit and then back to our group. It was a super day out hanging with the guys and the cars.

Woodward Dream Cruise week unofficially starts on Sunday, Aug 13. And ends with the big event on Saturday Aug 20.

A day out on Telegraph


I spent Saturday afternoon july 27  Cruisin the Graph!

It was a great day. A bit warm but still a great day. After a bit of cruising from Ford Road down to Northline and back I decided to hunt for a place to park. I ended up just south of the Ecorse Road over pass in the parking lot with a bunch of other cruisers. After taking some time to set up my canopy, chairs and coolers I went ahead and cranked up the stereo and settled in for a nice afternoon of cruise time. It turned out to be a great day out.

I took a break and took a walk over to a diner that was close by. And I had a killer Reuben sandwich and meal. A large glass of ice tea and it was nice. I love local cafes!

Another cruise down and the Dream Cruise is quickly upon us! August 20! See ya there!

The 65 is now swift and quiet!


With all of the pieces in place the 65 is feeling fine!

A new carb, a fully functional distributor and and an unholy exhaust. All these things together make it fun to drive again. Had it up to 65 and it was flawless. So with that done it’s on to the 70 again and a concerted effort to finish the wiring and the dash. And all this with the July 8  National Classic Car Appreciation Day coming up. Just in time!  So I will be showing off my car on the 8th. Whether at work or not. Just take it out and show off your handiwork! So for now it is on to another project on another day.

So long for now!Classic Car Appreciation Day 2016

Sir! It looks like a stuck plate to me!

65 Mustang Coupe

65 Mustang Coupe

A new distributor for the 65

It Solved the spark scatter at speed

Today was actually very productive. After spending some time putting the shifter assembly back together on the 70 I decided to take some time and dig into the ignition issue on the 65. It had developed a serious and annoying misfire at speed that I couldn’t seem to put my finger on. And it appeared to be truly an ignition problem . So I went ahead and got a rebuilt distributor and did a distributor swap.

The swap went pretty well except for where the hold down bolt is located. It is a treat to get to and there is no direct shot at it . So after employing a 1/2 inch shorty box wrench I got the job done. The new distributor was factory set up with points so i didn’t have to set them. Nice. I do have my trusty old Snap-on dwell-tach/tester but didn’t need it here. After a couple of attempts to get the rotor to land where it need to be it dropped in and I eyeballed the points opening and snugged it down.

Once I got back in the car I was totally expecting to have to finagle with the distributor to get a start. To my amazement it fired first try and was nice sounding. Damn I’m Good!  So I got out my trusty Sears Craftsman timing light and gave it a shot. I was only 2 degrees off and with a quick nudge of the distributor it was dead on and stable. Excellent!

A quick browse through the old distributor didn’t reveal anything obvious. Until …. I went to move the breaker plate , which should move easily via the vacuum canister. Absolutely stuck. Would not budge. So no vacuum advance! And since this distributor is a Load-A-Matic it is ALL under vacuum control, NO mechanical at all. Bad! Bad! Bad! So the 65 is back to it’s normal self. Smooth and sweet.

And I solved the overheating problem too!

What overheating problem? Where did that come from?

The car had developed a creeping heat problem which was discovered last week during my participation in the Gratiot Cruise in Eastpointe,MI. On the way to the cruise at freeway speeds the temp was climbing slowly until it came close to the top. After I got there it had a chance to cool down. I checked every thing and all looked OK. But on the run home it did the same stuff. So I went ahead and ordered a new radiator and for grins and giggles I replaced the thermostat with another 160 unit. And to cover all possibilities I got a new water pump too.

The radiator went in quickly as did the thermostat. And after a water refill I took it for a test drive and all was cool again! I will drain the water and put in the antifreeze tomorrow. We are not going to freeze overnight, but this is Michigan and anything is possible! But I think I am safe for a couple of days at least. And I can take the water pump back and that should about cover the antifreeze.

And now for the loud exhaust!

The muffler is toast. I gotta do something about that!

It has been decided to wholesale out the complete exhaust system end to end. It was replaced back in the 70’s and the muffler has since developed a large rot out where the water drain hole was. It has evolved from a 1/8 inch drain hole to a cavity that you can put two fingers in. Sounds kinda cool but I want it quieter.

And we all know how things go and since I was planning to replace the muffler and tailpipe it wasn’t a stretch to just bite the bullet and get the whole damn thing! It’s all ordered and should be here tomorrow. Looks like I have my Sunday planned for me.

Capt Cranky

Capt Cranky

So for now I am done. My hands hurt and I am vegging out on the patio with some smooth Pat Metheny  jazz on the stereo, some Captain Morgan Long Island Ice Tea in a glass and Bratwurst, fresh broccoli and a nice sweet potatoe on my plate. I’m good! Talk to you again soon!



I don’t think I told you … the 65 is alive and well


After another repair of a self-induced problem, the 65 is back on it’s wheels and running fine.

At a good spot to watch the cruise

At a good spot to watch the cruise

To refresh your memory I had a bout with the 65 not starting last season and did some major renovations. Carb, distributor, coil, ignition switch. I even pulled the head and sent it out to be redone. And after reassembly I battled a no start condition for a bit.

First the Distributor and now the Spark Plugs

It wasn’t until I took a deep breath and stepped back and started from ground zero that I discovered I had put the distributor in 180 out! Quick fix with immediate results. But while it did run it was very ratty. When I attacked the problem of the crappy idle I once again went back to the basics. And on removing the new plugs and checking them I fond that I had set them all wrong! Once I figured out that they were all wrong I reset them to the correct .32 and reinserted them. Presto! Chango! It works like a champ!

While I am not sure of the exact cause of these two “brain farts” I do admit that I did get over them. So with the brain damage being noted I am doing the work on the 70 with a more cautious approach. So on with the show! For now it is prep for the upcming cruise season that starts June 11 with the Roseville Gratiot Cruise

It can’t be bad! It’s brand new! Bahh!

At a good spot to watch the cruise

At a good spot to watch the cruise

It turns out my NEW distro is bad! Some sort of bad ground.

The factory manual was the key to this one

After a long time wrestling with the 65 I decided to step back and start from scratch. And once I had my factory manual in hand I headed out. The logical place to start was in the ignition system. After stepping successfully through the primary power system and ignition switch I got to the actual distributor testing section. And with a couple of quick tests it came out that there was what appears to be a grounding issue inside the unit. It is being replaced.

And since I keep all the old original  units I rummaged through my parts and retrieved the original unit. A quick R & R and all was back in place. And with couple of pumps of the gas and it sprung to life! Not spectacular but it took some pedaling to keep it alive but it ran. Excellent! And then with some creative tinkering I was able to keep it awake long enough to set the timing.

All I can say is that having the factory manuals is a great plus. In working on Wun Tunn Zoop it was invaluable. Besides being a diesel it really makes repairs way easier. The troubleshooting on the 65 walk through was simple and productive And dead nuts on. I am elated! Now I have to get the carb tweaked in and I may be in business. We shall see.

What now?

I must admit that I am a victim of not practicing what I preach. I have always said not to count out new units as bad. And in this whole process I changed out a bunch of parts. With this speed bump out of the way I can concentrate on the fuel issue. I may have mucked something up when I rebuilt it. I may try to do it again or let a pro do it. Dunno!

But the net result is that the 65 is alive! Not totally fixed but alive. One disaster at a time.

Till next time