It’s just a pair of keys!


Not parakeets …. a pair of keys!

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

It’s been a nagging concern of mine not having two keys for Wun Tun Zoop. Since I acquired the van I had two key fobs but only one key. Not having a backup is usually a bad idea. And in the case of my van it is a one-key system. All five locks are the same key. And the option of changing the whole five lock set was not only pricey, it was also a real pain in the neck mechanically. And then you can throw in the original key was a bit worn so it was at times a bit finicky when you tried to turn the ignition. Nothing earth-shaking just a bit of an annoyance. So I opted to just get a pair of new keys made.

So after over a year of running Wun Tun Zoop with only one key I decided this morning to fix that. So I went to the local GMC dealer, Suburban Buick GMC, just down the street in Ferndale, MI and had a pair of new keys made.

I must say that it was pretty much a quick and dirty order them and pay the man scenario. And the price was right. 11 dollars a key. And I noted, after the fact, that the parts guys apparently waived the usual 15 dollar “VIN access” fee for database access to the original key codes from GM. So the ultimate price was a paltry 22 dollars. Very nice of them. I really appreciate that. Thanx guys!

So now I have my two NEW keys and the oldie. The oldie will go in the safe and the new guys get to “hang out” on the key rack. Get it! HANG OUT!? Never mind. Later!

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