Time for the SUMMER updates!


Woodward Dream Cruise Day overhead 13 Mile Road to 15 Mile Road. Keep in mind the cruise is from 9 Mile to Pontiac!

Summer Header Graphics and Calendar Updates

We are fast approaching the opening of cruise season on June 9 and the  outdoor show season has officially begun as of this last weekend. At least here in Metro Detroit.

There are some updates to the cruise calendar and some adds to the other events calendars so take a look and see what may be coming up. It gets busy so once again I am taking the summer off from working in order to enjoy myself and get out and about. I like being retired!

While there have been some small page tweaks along the way this is basically a seasonal update. The Main headers on all the sections are now the summer versions. The winter versions have been retired until in October / November.

So, with that all said, I am going to get back to work on the cars and get ready for the granddaddy of all cruises, the Woodward Dream Cruise on August 18! Stay tuned!


Clear Skies Draw Out Cool Rides — Oakland County Blog


I agree and I am out and about with them. Enjoy!

If it’s spring in Oakland County, it’s cruisin’ time. When it comes to auto shows and festivals, few places compare to Southeast Michigan, whose central role in the rise of the four-wheeled wonder changed the world. Here, aficionados from across the county motor to local events in their vintage automobiles, travelling along stretches of road […]

via Clear Skies Draw Out Cool Rides — Oakland County Blog

A day out on Telegraph


I spent Saturday afternoon july 27  Cruisin the Graph!

It was a great day. A bit warm but still a great day. After a bit of cruising from Ford Road down to Northline and back I decided to hunt for a place to park. I ended up just south of the Ecorse Road over pass in the parking lot with a bunch of other cruisers. After taking some time to set up my canopy, chairs and coolers I went ahead and cranked up the stereo and settled in for a nice afternoon of cruise time. It turned out to be a great day out.

I took a break and took a walk over to a diner that was close by. And I had a killer Reuben sandwich and meal. A large glass of ice tea and it was nice. I love local cafes!

Another cruise down and the Dream Cruise is quickly upon us! August 20! See ya there!

Hangin at the Wayne Road Cruise


Watchin the All American Cruise

We are currently on Wayne Road just north of Cherry hill at Marquette. All set up music chairs canopy, whatever. It’s noonish and we are watchin’ the cars! Steve, Liam and myself. The 65 is still not behaving itself so we are spectators again. Wun Tunn Zoop is providing the comforts. But life goes on. We are here enjoying the day.

Film at 11!

Dream Cruise Party Wednesday Update



After 2 rain days we are out again!


I am collecting all my goodies,canopy, music box, cooler and chairs for a day out. We are drying out from a record rainfall o Monday that has brought all the major roadways to a stop. Some had 2 feet and some had 14 feet. They were even using dive teams to check the submerged cars and to inspect the roadway and bridge footings.


But with that said WOODWARD is just fine! So the show will go on! I was out Saturday and Sunday briefly and the crowds were already gathering. And with today’s excellent weather Fred and I will head out to be part of the problem.  Film at 11!


Just remember the great blackout didn’t stop the Dream Cruise so a bit of rain shouldn’t be more than an inconvenience!




A day out with “Crazy” Larry


It was a great day of relaxing and watching cars

The Downriver Cruise was great fun. I happened to hook up with my buddy Larry and his rat truck on the way down the Southfield Freeway heading for Fort Street. Once we established he was hungry it was on from there. We stopped at a local coney , The Busy Bee Coney Island, for a bit of breakfast and to chat and figure out the plan for the rest of the day. The wake up food was great.

Crazy Larry at the wheel

Crazy Larry at the wheel

Then it was on to find a spot to land and set up shop. A canopy and music box, we ended up on the South end of the cruise route in an open lot. And there we made our headquarters for the remainder of the day. After wandering the area , which was way packed, I went for a ride along on a couple of loops of the route. Great fun the truck is a blast to ride in, a bit scary but still a blast to say the least! We stopped at multiple locations along the route to check out the sites.

It was a nice day for cruisin and watchin the cars. Not having the 65 was not a bad thing. I must thank Lawrence Crawford for the rides in “the truck”! We had a good guys day out.

The cruise traffic was lighter than in years past but still lots to see and do. The Gratiot Cruise was a similar scenario. Light all day.  I am not sure why but that appears to be the trend.  But we have lots more cruises to go. With that one out of the way it’s on to the next one, The All American Cruise on Wayne Rd. July 12.


Update on the 65 head repair


The head rebuild came back spectacular

I picked up the head yesterday from the Hastings Auto Parts machine shop.It was excellent! And they were able to fix both the broken stud and the damaged ear bolt hole. Super!

During the tear down I was looking at all the other associated parts and made the decision to fix a nagging issue with the radiator. The last time it was serviced, over 20 years ago they did a crappy job of soldering the side rails to the tanks. Actually both top flaps had come apart. And since this is the mount point for the radiator I opted to have it repaired. Right , this time. I contacted an established local radiator repair shop that does classic radiator, Ferndale Auto Radiator Repair, and made arrangements to have it done right.  I should get it back sometime today.

And while I was at it I went ahead and put in a new water pump. Being a 6 cylinder it only has three bolts for mounting and with all the other stuff out of the way it was a quick swap. So now that is out of the way. While it really wasn’t giving me any problems I will clean it up and  keep it in stock as a backup.

The Down river Cruise on Fort Street is today!

2014 Cruisin Downriver

2014 Cruisin Downriver

Unfortunately I will not have the 65 ready for today’s Downriver Cruise. But Fear Not! Fred and I will hit the streets in the PT. I am sure I will catch up with more than a couple of my cruise buddies today so away we go! The weather is super and that will make for a long day of hangin out on Fort Street! Film at 11!