My day at Billetproof / Detroit Dragway Reunion 2015


A nice day hanging out at Milan Dragway

Rat rods and nostalgia dragsters! What a combo!

DSCN5198Even though the day was a bit overcast and humid it was a great day out. I was at Milan Dragway spending some time with my son, Steve, and my grandson Liam. It was Liam’s first time at a dragstrip. Loud but way kool!

The last few years have seen the merging of two cool shows. The rat rod event Billetproof and nostalgia dragster event The Detroit Dragway Reunion. The dragsters just love the heavy humid air. They go like gangbusters. And it makes for one nice show. And with the spectator side full of rat rods and the pit side crammed full of current and legendary dragsters and drag racers like Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen, what a day!

Lots of pics so I broke them in half. Same place just different sides of the track.  Billetproof and the Detroit Dragway Reunion. Pick a direction and check them both out.

Detroit Dragway Reunion 2015 /  June 13

Detroit Dragway Reunion 2015 / GALLERY

Billetproof 2015 / June 13

Billetproof 2015 / GALLERY


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