It does pay to be creative and different!


I am part of a Detroit News article!

While “cruising the web” I stumbled across a Woodward Dream Cruise article in the Detroit News

Coolest Dream Cruise grilles and details

As I scrolled through the article, low and behold, there was the grille of MY Mustang! I was kind of taken aback that it was there and then I was pleased that it caught the eye of the photographer. All I can say is that I built it as a diversion from the normal Mustang grille but it gets some other attention because of that fact.

I am pleased with the outcome! Nice!


Getting the details on the GM’s “Detailer”


Actually an inside look at a 53 Chevy Suburban “The Detailer”

This years Woodward Dream Cruise was different for me. For a variety of bad reasons I was a spectator. While it was somewhat distressing it did give me more time to explore all week without being with one of my beloved cars. This was one of my discoveries during one of these outings.

Taking a closer look

I have seen this vehicle before at a couple of events and other than a cursory look because it looked cool and neat it was not much more. But on Thursday I happened to see it again on display at 13 and Woodward in the GM Performance display compound. And I began a closer inspection.

After a quick loop around the vehicle the engine and some other basics were obvious. This is one bad ass truck! After looking at the interior I got a bit nosey to see what was between the second seat and the rear tailgate.  It appeared to be an elevated deck with rub strips and a small streetrod style bung marked water. A further peak just inside the tailgate revealed what appeared to be a cabinet face with a flock of 50’s style door handles and a stainless door. Since the lower section of the tailgate was up I couldn’t really tell what all this was. But they peaked my interest.

The secrets are revealed

So being the inquisitive guy I am I corned a pair of the GM Performance guys and asked what all this was. And they were more than gracious to reveal the lower section by lowering the tailgate. It turns out that repurposed door handles were simply drawer pulls for the drawers of detailing supplies. [ Hence the name Detailer ] And the trap door was a garage for a small steam cleaner. The water bung was for an enclosed water tank for use with the steam cleaner that sits on its’ own glides.. And yes it is used to detail the show cars!

Because the tail gate lower section drops down it is a bit awkward to reach this cabinet by leaning into the vehicle. No problemo! A flick of a switch and the complete unit motivates out over the lowered tailgate! Sweet! Another small nifty neato was a lever at the top of the center cutout that when thrown locks all the drawers from sliding when stowed! Way Kool!

Creative solutions

Another cool feature is solving the problem of getting access to the back seat. Being a two door presents an interesting problem. They made a simple solution by using the second row fold and flip seats from an Escalade and repurposed them for both front seats! And subsequently they used the Escalade third seat as the second seat for this vehicle. Killer!

See it for yourself

You can check out a couple of vids to see what I am talking about. Enjoy!

Workin on the Ranger


A productive day of tweedling with the new shop truck

The bed is undone!

I spent the early part of the day at the VA and the Secretary of State. When I got home noonish I decided top tackle some of the remaining issues with the Ranger.

The primary project is that I needed to get the bed off in order to get to the spring support brackets. I did manage to get all 6 bolts out. Three unscrewed and three snapped. No biggie! I was planning on replacing them anyway. I did manage to get the bed lifted about 8 inches and blocked. I will have to employ a couple of others to get it completely off the frame. But for now it is a big step forward. It is loose and ready to get removed.

One discovery was that the connector that you would normally pull apart to release the bed  had been cobbled somewhere along the way.  It appears that it was a sad attempt to add the trailer wiring. [ Remember the rotted trailer hitch? ] I will rewire that later.  Nicely!

I need to cut off all the rivet heads on the remnants of the old spring mount brackets and cut away the cobbled fabrication at the front and rear spring mounts. Then I can attack any of the other zillion things I am sure to find along the way.

Since I had it up in the air a bit I was able to remove the dangling spare tire mount. With that out of the way I attacked the bolts holding the left overs of the trailer hitch. After generously bathing them with PB Blaster over a couple of days I was mildly surprised that they unscrewed! The same bolts are used for the bumper mount. And so I went ahead and took the bumper down. I may give it a quick cleanup while it is down.

New Splash grill insert

New Splash grill insert

I did find some time to do the finish work on the Splash grill and eyebrows. I should have my new turn signal and headlight assemblies tomorrow if all goes as planned, I may even get a chance to put some color on the new grill set. At least the front will be done. Ish!

Gotta go! Dinner is waiting! So is a big dose of aspirin and refreshments. Later!


THE Woodward Dream Cruise 2014


Mustang Alley and the Ferndale Dream Cruise Show

Since I didn’t have to deliver my car today at 0630 it made my day a bit easier to manage. I was able to head out about 0930 and found a good parking spot and proceeded to check out all the sights and venues in and around the 9 Mile Road and Woodward corner.

There was lots going on with the festival and vendors on the west side of Woodward and the Ford Mustang Alley on the east side. As usual there was a nice manufacturers row in Mustang Alley. With Roush, Ford Motorsport, MRT and others. And the there were lots of Mustangs! They lined 9 Mile from Woodward not quite to Hilton.  They also filled the many side lots along the route. And it is my opinion that I don’t believe there were as many as last year. I may be mistaken but it appeared to me that way.

Mustang Alley 2014

Mustang Alley 2014

I wandered the Mustang Alley in search of the older Mustangs. I passed tons of the newer ones but they don’t interest me at all. There was even a lot full of all years of just green Bullit Edition Mustangs! I was able to find many of the first generations of Mustangs, 65 to 73, and check them out for any details that interested me. I did find a few that I was able to glean some ideas and layouts that I can use in my projects.

I did get some ideas like a unique single pin retainer for the trunk, a well done Duraspark unit mount, some way cool floor inserts and a slick seatbelt mount point. All in all it was a productive stroll through Mustang Alley and the surrounding venues.

I did take a break for lunch complete with a Turbo Dog beer and an Angus burger at  Howe’s Bayou on Woodward. And I ran into many friends and acquaintances in my extended wanderings. Super nice! I had the pleasure of spending some time with my son, Steve, and my grandson, Liam, walking a section of Woodward while they cruise their bikes along the route. Way super finish to a great day.

The Bikers Steve and Liam

The Bikers Steve and Liam

I will be going to the 50th Anniversary Show at Ford tomorrow and I will see if I can get some more ideas along the way. If my feet hold out it should be way cool. And getting there shouldn’t be a problem now that all the flooding of the great rain storm of 2014 have subsided. So I will have at it again tomorrow. That’s it for now.

My Friday Dream Cruise plans


Pontiac first and then back south to Ferndale

And a few stops along the way

Because of the current down status of the 65 I will be distracting myself as best I can all day today. I will probably head out to Pontiac’s Phoenix Plaza and check out the big show there and later wander back down to Ferndale for the street festival and Ford display. A very flexible schedule but I am trying to keep distracted and destressed.
So I will be putting up stuff from today but be patient. I’m an old guy!

This is not what I had planned!


I will be a spectator at this years Dream Cruise. The 65 has taken a turn for the worse

The nagging misfire has evolved into a severe no start condition. And with the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday and the 50th Anniversary Mustang Show on Sunday  the timing couldn’t be more unfortunate.

After another day of troubleshooting what I believe to be a wiring / ignition issue it devolved into a catch-POP-quit event. I am not sure yet as to what it is but with all the new parts that have been installed it has never gotten better. I will be digging deeper into the possibilities of an internal mechanical glitch of some sort but that will have to wait.

So it is with a bit of severe disappointment and agitation that I am going to park it for now, step back, take a deep breath and do both events as a spectator. While it should be less of a hassle it is causing me some mental trauma. I am going to do my best to not stress out over this. But I will try and relax and enjoy the shows on foot.  So this afternoon and tomorrow I will hang out on Woodward in the PT and park in Ferndale and see the sights.

Dream Cruise Party Wednesday Update



After 2 rain days we are out again!


I am collecting all my goodies,canopy, music box, cooler and chairs for a day out. We are drying out from a record rainfall o Monday that has brought all the major roadways to a stop. Some had 2 feet and some had 14 feet. They were even using dive teams to check the submerged cars and to inspect the roadway and bridge footings.


But with that said WOODWARD is just fine! So the show will go on! I was out Saturday and Sunday briefly and the crowds were already gathering. And with today’s excellent weather Fred and I will head out to be part of the problem.  Film at 11!


Just remember the great blackout didn’t stop the Dream Cruise so a bit of rain shouldn’t be more than an inconvenience!