A day out on Telegraph


I spent Saturday afternoon july 27  Cruisin the Graph!

It was a great day. A bit warm but still a great day. After a bit of cruising from Ford Road down to Northline and back I decided to hunt for a place to park. I ended up just south of the Ecorse Road over pass in the parking lot with a bunch of other cruisers. After taking some time to set up my canopy, chairs and coolers I went ahead and cranked up the stereo and settled in for a nice afternoon of cruise time. It turned out to be a great day out.

I took a break and took a walk over to a diner that was close by. And I had a killer Reuben sandwich and meal. A large glass of ice tea and it was nice. I love local cafes!

Another cruise down and the Dream Cruise is quickly upon us! August 20! See ya there!

A day out at Sins of Steel


Sins of Steel

My son and I spent Saturday out wandering through at a premier rat rod show. Sins of Steel was once again at the 4H Fairgrounds in Davisburg, Mi just north of Detroit.It was a great gathering of rat rods, rat bikes and parts vendors. It was a way cool day out with my son. And a great prelude to this coming weekends all guy outing to Billerproof / Detroit Dragway Reunion.

I took some pics and they can be found on Flickr. Check them out.

Sins of Steel 2016 Flickr Album

The Patio Is Open! Ready to Party On The Patio!


Not much other than a notification that the patio is open!

Faye Dean Picked the flowers

I just reset them in the moss baskets and hung them in the hooks [ my one-legged hookers … Don’t ask! ] around the patio. I set a solar LED light in the middle of each hanging basket for some late night glow.

We still have the garden plants to go but that will bee this Friday with some help from Logan, my grandson.

Meanwhile I set the granite tops into a long side table and two smaller side tables for the patio sofa. So with a bit of the chillout blues crankin on the box and a bit of Captain Morgan and Scarecrow the demon cat keeping watch it is a soothing evening on the patio.

So pull up a chair and hang out on the patio!

A weekend out Swap Meeting


Two big swaps in one weekend

The Fowlerville Swap and Bearing Burners


I went out to the Fowlerville swap with a friend on Saturday.  The weather was cool, overcast but dry. After picking him up we made the 40 mile run out to the Fowlerville Fairgrounds. This is a 3 day event sponsored by the VMCCA. And it is always a good meet. We spent about 4 hours wandering the vendors and found some “neat stuff”. It’s a good thing we took my shop wagon. It gets tough carrying all the goodies around, not including coats and drinks. Especially with two of us.

I found a cool small aluminum tool box, a utility Audiovox audio mount for a tractor or the like and the big prize was a 52/3/4 Ford Coronado kit! This is an unusual and prized item for this year vehicles. While a bit rough it was intact. And a bit of negotiating got it down to a good price. Basically it is a fake continental bump for the trunk lid. It is a piece that you either love or hate. I like it because it is unusual. A bit of cleanup and it is going on.


This swap was on Sunday and the weather was cold, overcast and soggy. By soggy I mean no rain just mist all day long. Well I guess that is rain kinda sorta. I went out on my own to that one and it was a quick run out to 21 Mile Road in Shelby Township. The first discovery was that tennis shoes were a bad choice in footwear. They were squishy after only 10 minutes on the grounds. But I persevered on.

I did meet a few friends while I was there including Dana from CruiseNews. And I spent the next couple of hours strolling the aisles looking for stuff. Nothing in particular just neat stuff. I scoredonly a pair of items. A street rod fuse panel and a battery isolator.

That was it. It was a good meet but I didn’t hang around longer than I had to. So I was home by 11ish. And spent the rest of the day indoors warm and dry! All done it was a great weekend out and about!