Time for the SUMMER updates!


Woodward Dream Cruise Day overhead 13 Mile Road to 15 Mile Road. Keep in mind the cruise is from 9 Mile to Pontiac!

Summer Header Graphics and Calendar Updates

We are fast approaching the opening of cruise season on June 9 and the  outdoor show season has officially begun as of this last weekend. At least here in Metro Detroit.

There are some updates to the cruise calendar and some adds to the other events calendars so take a look and see what may be coming up. It gets busy so once again I am taking the summer off from working in order to enjoy myself and get out and about. I like being retired!

While there have been some small page tweaks along the way this is basically a seasonal update. The Main headers on all the sections are now the summer versions. The winter versions have been retired until in October / November.

So, with that all said, I am going to get back to work on the cars and get ready for the granddaddy of all cruises, the Woodward Dream Cruise on August 18! Stay tuned!


Another Update!


This is a simple structural update

No content was harmed. Actually a few adds.

This update was a unilateral decision for organizational reasons. Not that this is a spectacular high traffic site but more for my own maintainability issues. So consider yourself informed and click on through!


New Updates for the New Year


Here we are in the new year and I have just updated the main site.

Just the MAIN site for now.

The GARAGE and LIBRARY will get tweaked as time permits.

Most of the changes are an effort to consolidate and tune it up for speed. I pared down the fluff and get it nice without getting carried away. Here is a quick look at the new main page. Click on the image and you can see it live!


For now the winter headers with the snow effect will be up until March .. ish. Then I will put in the summer headers. And the 2018 cruise calendars are being assembled as we speak. Not all of the dates are finalized but they are coming.

All the core stuff is there with a few graphic enhancements along the way. Feel free to give a it a look and spot the updates.. If you haven’t been there before feel free to check it out with the fresh site.

Like I said more to  come! Just be patient.

New and Improved Bob’s Garage


I just updated the GARAGE part of BZEROB.COM

I have made the conversion from Bootstap to Bass. The css is leaner and that means quicker. I must admit it took some work but I think it was worth it.

And the new version is updated to lean down the site but also to add some new features. Like Cruise Videos and info. I will be adding some other stuff as I can get to it. There is a bit more tweaking to do for the very small screens but it is tolerable for now.

Check it out and enjoy the new view!

Bob's Garage site

Bob’s Garage site

Fixing some little site stuff


Media Queries are still new to me!

But I am getting a handle on them. I spent some time and figured out why some of the site features weren’t behaving like I wanted on the smaller screens. Mostly attributed to some bad typing on my part.

New Features

The new snow feature on the main page is now acting like it is supposed to. And as a sidebar I have been tinkering with a newsletter feature. I signed up for Mailchimp rather than try to do it by my lonesome. It should be up this week some time. Still working on the newsletter itself.

Some other tweaking was done and at this time it appears to be OK. If you see something amiss let me know. I may have missed something on the smaller screens [ handhelds ] especially.


That’s it for now! Take a look at the new site layout when you get a chance! Thanx!



Another site update!


The Library is back!

Evolution in action!

I made a unilateral decision to re-integrate the library. So it’s back! It is still available as a WordPress site but now it is once again included in BzeroB.com. And all of the appropriate pages are in and up. Unfortunately there is some tuning and cleanup going on so hang in there while I get that done.

And there are a couple of other adds

There is a new MUSIC To CODE BY page with a sort-able list of favs and links to their sites.

Ii also did some more CSS tweaking and cleanup. To spice things up I have added Remarkle and Post Office fonts on some of the pages.  So if there are some goofy text instances I apologize. I only know of  a couple. And I am working on those.


New site updates!


BzeroB.com gets some updating

A lot of it is for easier reading

I  have added a new piece of CSS to make the site a bit easier to read. Basically some spacing issues are addressed. While I was at it I restructured the site in a more logical fashion. That you won’t see. And I think I got pretty much all of the broken links fixed. If I didn’t let me know where you found them and I will fix it.

I have added links a bunch of web videos on a variety of pages scattered throughout the site. They are all accessible from the MULTIMEDIA page. Check them out if you get a chance.

I had a small font bug where my special font would not display in Firefox. A bit of rearranging fixed it. Now it displays in all browsers. Fixed!

As you can see the site is constantly evolving. So bear with me it is a labor of love. Thanx!