Wun Tunn Zoop is back home


And the new vacuum pump has everything working right!

Now that the van has its’ vacuum source back all the dash elements work correctly. The defrost / center / floor /blend are all back to their old selves. And even the cruise control is back online. And I am waiting to see if I get the turbo solenoid error back. I an hoping not since it is vacuum driven. So I am crossing my fingers on that one.

I now have only a couple of issues left to deal with.

First, I was already aware that the rear tires are a bit thin on tread so I may just go ahead and replace them. The fronts look relatively new. I have no reason to tempt the devil on tires.

Second, I was informed by the shop when they did the courtesy inspection that one of the back-up lights was out so I will do a quick R&R on it before I forget. It’s hard to check by yourself so it went unnoticed. No biggie and a quick fix.

So for now I am getting all the stuff back in the van for our next excursion to the Wayne Road Cruise on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for a nice day out and about.

Consider yourself updated!


2 thoughts on “Wun Tunn Zoop is back home

  1. Update 7.8.15 – Tackling the backup light issue

    I decided to dig into the driver reverse light issue this morning. And the discovery began with removing the upper trim that needs to come off in order to get to the actual taillight assembly. On the driver side one of the cap nuts was frozen and I had to do some cautious finagling to get it loose. Once that was accomplished it was all easy. But upon releasing the socket from the housing the problem was obvious. There was a 1157 [two prong] bulb where a 1156/1141 [one prong] bulb should be. So out with the wrong and in with the correct! Ta Da! It works! Isn’t that amazing. Not really.

    I decided to go ahead and check out the passenger side while I was at it. And it was also interesting. It turns out that the upper trim brace wasn’t even bolted to the body! So a quick rummage through my gedunk boxes netted some compatible nuts and washers so I went ahead and got it all fastened back on CORRECTLY! Nice and solid.

    All in all it was a productive hour spent correcting prior faux pas. All is good. I may just hit Parts Galore for the correct fasteners later today.


  2. UPDATE 7-9-15 Putting on some new tread

    Since they have been my tire source in the past I went ahead and hit up my tire buddies at Belle Tire in Warren to see what they had for some compatible replacement tires. They had an exact match for the front Mastercraft Courser’s so I had them do me a pair for the back. I must say they do look a whole lot better and I feel a lot more confident with them on.

    With that out of the way we should be good for a bit. Now I can concentrate on getting ready for the big swap meet and overnighter in Chelsea at Dearborn 2015


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