Diesel van + repairs = $$$


Wun Tunn Zoop is back and doing way better

Two major repairs are done.

These two items were problematic and with a great repair facility that knows what they are doing it was done with confidence. My hat is off again to the techs at Curt’s Service in Oak Park. Another job well done. Unfortunately there is a price to pay for this kind of service but it was worth it.

The crankshaft dampener

A damaged crankshaft pulley / dampener has been replaced. It turns out a whole lot of the noise that we had been getting when the van was started up, excessive clattering , was actually a bad crankshaft dampener. And it turns out that this is all to common on the 6.5.With the new one installed it is a whole lot quieter on start-up. The tech at Curt’s caught that right away just from the sound.


The injector module has been replaced with the upgraded version and relocated to the front radiator core support from its original location on top of the motor, under the intake, bolted to the injector pump. Hot! Hot! Hot! It’s new home is in front of the radiator. Cool! Cool! Cool! Excellent! Another know issue that is now cured.

It now runs nice, starts nice and quietly. So for now all is good with Wun Tunn Zoop and I can work on the roof rack system.

Another project for another day. Stay tuned



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