The 70 door panels are in the works


One down and one to go

Not to shabby and not $90!

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang Coupe

I finished up one of the two door panels for the 70. And it came out pretty nice i if I may say so. The one stumbling block I had was that I wanted some padding but not a while lot. After trying to locate some thin, as in 1/8 or 1/4 foam I kinda gave it up and got a couple of yards the black vinyl which was discounted to !9.98@yard at JoAnne Fabrics.

Once I got back to the shop I was noodling and as I was rummaging around for some other stuff I put my hands on a couple of rolls of black auto carpeting I had picked up last week at O’Reilly’s. Initially to redo a couple of interior trim panels. On closer inspection I deduced that this stuff was just about right to do what I needed to do. So I gave it a try!`

I had stripped one of the panels down to the backer earlier in the week. After trimming the carpeting to approximate size I got out the spray can of adhesive and coated the backer. Then a quick coat on the carpet backing and then it was sticky time. Once everything was worked down and in good contact a pass with a small razor knife trimmed the excess off and cut out all the needed openings. It really did go quick.

Now came time for the vinyl skin. Once again a quick trim to size with a 2″ edge. Then I simply coated the fuzzy side of the carpeting and the back of the vinyl. One more time for sticky time. A quick rub out by hand and I flipped the panel over for the edge wrapping. A pass with the adhesive caught both the panel and the vinyl. Then it was a panel wrapping project with gussets cut out as needed. Once that was done I was once again able to clear the openings with the razor knife.

More like $20ish!

For the most part the panel was done. And it looked nice. It has some cush but not a lot which is what I was after. Simple and functional. I was after that too. And don’t forget cheap! All I need to do now is but the panel clips back on and pop it back on the door.

Maybe tomorrow!


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