The First Roosevelt Park Car Cruise a web illusion


What do I mean by web illusion?

Well, when you see things on the web they can appear to be larger than they really are. Unfortunately you don’t usually find out until you get there.

In this case, the event presented by The Motor City Project was at first glance touted to be a grass roots event

Luxury, exotic and custom car owners will gather in Detroit for the first Roosevelt Park Car Cruise. With help from Motor City Project and Ice Nine Group LLC, owners and enthusiasts of everything from Mustangs and Hot Rods to custom motorcycles and sport cars, will be gathering at Roosevelt Park in Detroit, Mich. on Saturday, July 21

What appeared to be a focus on hot rods and classics turned out to be a simple small gathering of Ice Nine supporters, employees and  friends. 30ish to be exact.  For the most part their cars were current model sport sedans with a few early heavy hitters thrown in. While it was at a historic Detroit location it was anything but spectacular. Even with all the web presence and great use of web media it was way short of what I expected. While my conversations with the staff of Ice Nine were friendly and cordial, the actual event appeared to be more of  a bad test run.

I must say that the project is a great one and as a Detroit native I wholeheartedly support the effort. But after convincing some cruise buddies to head down to the event I may have to apologized for the misstep. The one really cool bright spot is that I got to eat lunch at the Mercury Bar on the corner. Beer and a Reuben made for a nice break.

I hope that the next event is a tad larger and works out a whole lot better. We shall see.


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