Prepping the 65 for a new top paint


Two tone paint job upgrade

Gonna give it a nice two-tone effect. The top will probably be white.

Well I am a wee bit closer to getting the new color on the top of the 65.  After shooting the car some 20 some years ago the top was not in the best shape. Between the poor job on the outset to the years of solar abuse along with the years under a cover it was showing it’s age badly. Consequently I decided that a simple repaint of the top would get the job done for now.

I got the trim pieces for a vinyl top as dividers on the sail panel and now a bit of prep work is being done before the final color. So a quick shot of primer and some block sanding is going to get the job done. A friend of mine is going to do the color so I just need to prep it as best I can so that goes nicely. I am aiming for a Dream Cruise premier in Mustang Alley but with all the cruises it may be a crunch time job.

With that being said we do have the Telegraph Cruise this coming Saturday July 28 and the Clinton Township Cruise on Aug 5. And then we are in it! The Woodward Dream Cruise is Aug 18. And the Cruise party starts on the 12th. I take that week off so let the cruising begin!


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