Michigan Ave Cruise more like a long snooze!


Me at the Michigan Ave cruise

After the last few years of a very enjoyable Michigan Ave Cruise this year was a big let down for me at least. After getting there at 10AMish stooping in and getting some breakfast I cruised the route from Dearborn to Wayne.  It was obvious to me that the big gathering spot was going to be downtown Wayne.  After that I returned to my normal early day landing spot at the Westborn Shopping Center just east of Outer Drive.

The people from H&R Block had set up some courtesy canopies along the face of the parking lot. I pulled in next to one of them near a nice shady spot. After unloading my chair and musicbox I took the time  to check out the H&R Block tent. It turned out that the ladies there were the ones that were in the H&R Block Second Look video aired in the Detroit metro area.  And they also pointed out that had food and refreshments available in the mall location. After they said it would be nice to have some music to help the day along I pointed out that it just so happened that I had my musicbox and could crank up  the tunes immediately.

H&R Block courtesy tent

Once again the musicbox is a great hit!

One of the ladies at the tent had her witch theme wrapped 08 Dodge Magnum on display. Way cool! [ See the pics here ]

So I then settled in for what turned out to be a pretty lame cruise experience. In my opinion. A contributing factor was that there was a second Michigan Ave cruise that was taking place farther west on M12 in Ann Arbor. Same promoter different location, same road. I am sure it divided the cars far a smaller participation at both locations. But that is just my opinion!

Another cruise down and on to Cruisin the Graph on July 28!




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