Well, that’s gonna leave a mark! Whoa! Lots of marks


Major hail damage to my HHR

As you may or may not know the weather here in metro Detroit has bit way warm. Probably not news to anyone lately. And along with that comes the dry stuff. But a nasty sidebar is that it tends to generate some wicked popup storms. Well, we were thankful for the rain. But ….. not the embedded hail storms!  The 4th of July for me was a pain! In the wallet!

We had a line of storms come through in the afternoon that had a wicked hail storm in it. It started out as a nice rain storm evolved into a progressively larger hail storm. Ending up with some ping pong ball /golf ball size hail stones. This bad boy came on fast. Unfortunately both the HHR and the PT were at the end of the driveway.

The aftermath

After the storm passed I realized there may be a problem. Like Both my cars just got pelted pretty good. That’s when I grabbed the towel and went out to inspect and survey the body damage. As soon as I started wiping the hood it was readily apparent that  this was not good. The hood took a beating and the roof was not quite as bad  but still damaged.  I was pissed but what could I do? Done deal, no undoing it.

No! I did not forget Faye Deans PT! I did a quick wipe down of it and while there is some damage it was actually less than the HHR. And for now it’s one disaster at a time. Priorities!

Well … time to find out just how good my insurance coverage is!

So I dialed up the 24 service line and got the claim process started. Got all the info in and a claim number assigned. It is now 7PMish so that was it for now. The best I could do was find the Captain Morgan and try to relax and unwind.


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