Are you done yet?


Scarecrow seems to be my biggest motivator lately!

He was watching very intently from the console as I was doing some wiring on the 70 today

ScarecrowIs ReadyToGo

I have been playing catch up the last couple of days. Trying to figure out where I left off in the fall. I have a good idea where I am in the project now.

Scarecrow was pretty much on my shoulder the whole time I was working under the dash. I guess he is my quality monitor. I guess he thinks I need to get finished with the wiring ASAP! I did get a major portion of the dash wiring completed. All the under-dash gauge and gauge lighting wiring is done. Along with the engine gauge feeds. The stop light switch is plumbed. As is the turn signal switch.

The rear harness is in and now it is a matter of connecting the front and back turn signals in. As far as the running lights, sport lights and headlights they are all being plumbed to come on all at the same time. On or Off! That’s it! And I am opting out of high beams all together.  When was the last time you used them? I don’t. So this is easy.

So, after a day of writhing around on my back under the dash of the 70 I took a break and went out for a cruise on Woodward in the 65. It was about 4ish so Woodward was packed with rush hour traffic. But no biggie! I’ve done the Dream Cruise a time or two! So a nice go round from here at 9 mile up to 16 Mile and back down to 9 mile and I was relaxed and the 65 got some exercise.

Now is Captain Morgan time! A bit of Captain Morgan, some peanuts and a big bag of Eric Johnson on the music box. This is nice!

More later! See ya!



Simply dashing!


The new 70 dash panel is completed and installed!

70 Mustang Coupe

It is now Ready for some wiring

I finally got around to fabricating the dash insert for the 70. I have had the the sheet stock and pattern done for a bit. I just had other stuff, like this goofy thing called the WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE, going on. So yesterday I grabbed all the pieces parts and had at it. Most of it was tracing and cutting. Then it was time for the hole cutting. Not earthshaking but tedious. Getting a snug fit for the gauges is daunting but doable. Then it was time to mount it to the previously fabbed drops on the dash.

A bit of creative tracery and all the baselines were marked. Then it was figuring out the fastening. Since I have a whole pile of 1/4-20 screws that was the selected weapon of choice. Drilling the panel then progressed to drilling the dash braces to match. Then I decided to drill and thread the risers rather than through-bolt and nut. The panel is not heavy, only 3 gauges,  but with 3 supports it’s way solid. Once it was all fleshed out and all the edges finished I went ahead and gave it a nice scuff with 240 and followed with red ScotchBrite for a brushed look finish.

I have already cut the trim panels for finishing out the dash so I can now attack the wiring. All of the primary wiring is all laid out and tagged so it will be just a bit of standing on my head under the dash to complete most of the final connections. Hopefully I can start on that this week.

I do have some other stuff to do like installing the new retro hairpin style hood and trunk pins and lanyards. And some refitting the rear seat delete panels. And a fire extinguisher mount. And there may be a steering wheel change to gain some extra room. Butt just more things to do. Stay tuned!

More 70 wiring progress


I finished the trunk / rear light harness

Rear Harness

It was a bit of work with all the new lamps involved but after adding a couple of two-pin connects on each lamp housing I was then able to finish the interconnect wiring and the primary pigtail bullet hookups. I still have to wrap and secure the harness but the big part is done.

Front Harness

Now I can finish up the front light segment. Which will be easier since I will be using the Mach-1 grille mounted sport lamps as my front running lights which leaves the lower turn signals to be just turn signals. And for now at least we are simply running low beams on the headlight system so it will simplify the headlight wiring to an on / off scenario.

More to come! Stay Tuned!

A productive weekend. Wiring and ladder racks!


Yesterday was crappy but today turned out great!

So after making some nice headway on a couple of projects I am giving my hands a break and relaxing inside with some refreshments and a long list of Robin Trower jammin on the PC while I write.

The HD Ladder / Roof rack rails for Wun Tun Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

But I did manage to finish up what I started yesterday between rain showers. namely the fabrication of the “hybrid” ladder rack mounts. A kluge of the Weatherguard base / gutter clamps and the unknown HD rack rails I acquired for free. With some measurements in hand I set about drilling the bases and the adapters to be bolted together. Pretty uneventful. Once I got it all mocked up I decided to drill for an additional bolt for stability. With that done a quick assembly with new hardware and it was off to the van for a final fit.

The only good part about these roof racks is they are certainly sturdy. You can interpret that as heavy! And working by myself was arduous. But with some creative thinking i was able to get them both up on the roof and in place. Then with a bit of finagling with the adjustments I was finally able to tighten everything down. So they are super solid! And at least I can move on to another project.

70 Mustang wiring

Race Car Swith Panel

Race Car Switch Panel

Just another chapter in the continuing saga of rewiring the 70. This part was actually backtracking and labeling the wires that I ran previously! Not a real biggie but I had some memory issues as to what I had wired where. So I got some milk carton material cut a couple of dozen rectangles. Then I took a hole punch and punched one corner of the plastic “flags”. Then it was simple task to use a permanent marker and mark the circuit and zip tie it in place! Now my brain doesn’t hurt quite so bad trying to  remember ” Is it the red one or the green one?  “. So I have been able to make more headway connecting into the new switch panel and the gauge pack. Lots of good progress here.

But I could only do so much before my hands begged me to take a break. So I did. So here I am filling all of you in on my progress. So that is it for now. More to come I am sure. STAY TUNED!


Working in bed


Really working on the Ranger bed

Splicing in the new tail section wiring and cutting away some bad metal

Another productive day of slicing and dicing. I got the new taillight segment spliced in and tested. I also did some cancer removal to the front bulkhead of the bed. Both in prep for remounting the bed on the truck.

THE WIRE HARNESS – I did have to make another side trip to Parts Galore yesterday  because the harness that I picked up a few days ago turned out to be hacked and slashed for a trailer light drop. I wasn’t paying attention when I extracted it.  And it was unrecoverable. This trip I went to the 8 Mile and Hoover location. The good side of this trip was that not only did I get another good rear segment but I got one that had a Hoppy no splice trailer light drop kit installed on it. It  is a plug and play unit that converts the 3 light system of the Ranger to the common 2 light trailer system. So I can actually tow with this bugger if I need to.  Kool!

The bed is off

The bed is off

I spent an hour prepping both segments to be spliced. Now  my version of splicing is strip and  soldered. No crimp-ons for this splice! So some stripping and tinning was needed, Then a simple wire color for color splicing with heat shrink overwrap. Then a simple plug in of the taillight harness and a quick light check validated that all was hooked up and functioning right. Sweet!

Crapola! – There was one annoying discovery during the functional check involves the taillight units. I discovered that both rear housings are farked. Why? Because some goofball apparently took out the two long screws in the face of the housings and neglected, for whatever reason, to take out the two additional screws in the tailgate flange. So …… when they grunted them out they broke off the two inside mount posts. And broke big holes in the housings. Water Intrusion 101. I could glue them back together but instead I am going to just replace them with new. What the Hey! I’m kinda goofy like that.

THE BED BULKHEAD – This was a pretty simple and straightforward task of slicing off some decayed metal. Some had already left the building on it’s own. I made the rest go away. I am working on having some patch panels fabricated. But for now most of the rot is gone and the hockey puck mount repair can proceed. Good for now. And that will probably be in the coming days.

Like I said a very productive day. Hopefully I can get a couple more like this and be reassembled. Stay tuned.

Final stages of getting ready for bed


Actually getting the last pieces to put the bed back on the Ranger

After a bit of cleanup and reassembly I was able to put on the front bumper complete with fog light brackets and valence. All I need is to get some fogs and put them on the mount brackets. The factory Fords are nice but pricy. I will opt for some aftermarkets. I must say that Ford outdid themselves with these fog light brackets! These buggers are massive. Ii am sure it was intentional but none the less they are way sturdy. The lower trim valence is a bit rough but for now it is viable.  I may replace it later. After a bit of a shipping delay, the new headlight housings and turn signal units are in, and I do say the front end looks way better.

I have about gotten all the other prep work done for putting the bed back on. The rails are clean and I am also putting the tire carrier back together, after a cleanup , and will remount it. Complete with a spare tire.  A couple of rivets will get it all reassembled. And it will put some weight in the rear too.

All the bad bed retainer clips have been cut off and extracted. I am currently trying to find a new set. Ford wants $12 a piece [clip and bolt] and I need 6. A bit pushy. It appears Dorman makes a packaged set of 6 so I will price that out when I go in to work today. If the price is not equitable I found a used set on Ebay for $26. We shall see.

There are a couple of  pending projects. One is to repair the badly mangled rear harness with the new tail section so I have the factory connectors back in the loop. It should be a simple 6 wire splice job. [ No crimp ons for me!]. The other is replacing the questionable fuel filler neck assembly. Not a biggie just a “while i got the bed off” thing.

So in other words I am almost there. But not quite. Stay tuned!