Fixing some little site stuff


Media Queries are still new to me!

But I am getting a handle on them. I spent some time and figured out why some of the site features weren’t behaving like I wanted on the smaller screens. Mostly attributed to some bad typing on my part.

New Features

The new snow feature on the main page is now acting like it is supposed to. And as a sidebar I have been tinkering with a newsletter feature. I signed up for Mailchimp rather than try to do it by my lonesome. It should be up this week some time. Still working on the newsletter itself.

Some other tweaking was done and at this time it appears to be OK. If you see something amiss let me know. I may have missed something on the smaller screens [ handhelds ] especially.

That’s it for now! Take a look at the new site layout when you get a chance! Thanx!




New Year – New Code!



I don’t have a code! The sites do! and Bob’s Library are updated!

A leaner meaner set of code to get the job done. Like I don’t have better things to do?

As a matter of fact I didn’t! A by-product of some extended time off following some medical issues allowed me to spendi my down time diligently finalizing the new set of streamlined code for and Bob’s Library websites. It is the end result of a code migration from some core code I have used for a while now, Twitter Bootstrap and the integrated jQuery, that got the job done but was way bulky on the web. Easy and pretty but with a data price. Data usage is everything to small devices! Fast is good!

And don’t believe that you have an “unlimited” data plan! Trust me, they are gonna gig you for something! But not because of me!

And for me the old code system was way over-kill. And after making some guided decisions on what I do or do not need this is the end result. And an added plus was being able to avoid major javascript embeds thanks to the progression of CSS3 capabilities. So to that end I did a bit of tweaking and massaging to get it pared down to a quick and functional size and still get the point across. This is a learning game for me. And it really doesn’t do badly on small phones.  I guess I have learned a bit along the way.

I know! I know! It’s just a bunch of techno-babble coming from an old man taking meds!

But the point is I got it up and running . And if you want feel free to take  a gander at the new site layouts and see what you think.

Thanks to all my friends and relatives for a great year and have a safe and prosperous New Year!

Another site update!


The Library is back!

Evolution in action!

I made a unilateral decision to re-integrate the library. So it’s back! It is still available as a WordPress site but now it is once again included in And all of the appropriate pages are in and up. Unfortunately there is some tuning and cleanup going on so hang in there while I get that done.

And there are a couple of other adds

There is a new MUSIC To CODE BY page with a sort-able list of favs and links to their sites.

Ii also did some more CSS tweaking and cleanup. To spice things up I have added Remarkle and Post Office fonts on some of the pages.  So if there are some goofy text instances I apologize. I only know of  a couple. And I am working on those.


Another batch of updates


I just uploaded the latest batch of site updates

Lots of new stuff! New look for a bunch of pages and a handful more getting ready for prime time.

  • I have cleaned up the INDEX page with a carousel of the blogs
  • I have added a new look and a couple of new pages of events to the GARAGE
  • The EVENT pages are now vertical timelines and responsive thanks to Bootstrap
  • I am using some new fonts that I kinda like. Many of the GARAGE pages have the new fonts on board. Basically Remarkle.


If you get a chance feel free to browse on through the new updated site and see what you think. Not a biggie but let me know what you think

Damn those missing links!


The new site update has some link issues!


Lots of them unfortunately.

I have to apologize for the mucked up links in my latest site update. They are mostly in the Library section. And another oversight was the email form in the CONNECT page DIDN’T WORK! Well Duh!

So I spent the good part of a day link checking a cleaned up version of the update and as soon as I feel confident I got all the little buggers fixed i will update again. That should be some time this weekend.

Sorry for any goofyness on the site but they are being fixed. BzeroB

New updates for Bob’s Garage


Another big bag of updates and stuff!

I have done a few new updates to the Bob’s Garage site. Besides some tweaking and tuning I have upgraded some of the gallery pages to a new format. I also added some new pages along the way.

Check out the new pages in the 65 Mustang / Odd Mustangs.

I put in a new format on the EVENTS page that links to a cruise description , a cruise map and other info.

Feel free to check it out when you get a chance. Stay tuned more on the way!

Bob’s Garage Updated




BzeroB web redo – HTML5 and CSS3

Bob's Garage logo

Bob's Garage logo

Despite an advertised upgrade a few months ago it is now online. Really!

After a few months of wrestling with a new design based on HTML5 I believe I have it pretty much done…ish. My learning curve is getting better and the specs are becoming more prevalent so it makes far a much more stable site. Once again I have migrated to JQuery framework for my scripting but also fall back to some cool CSS3 features. I can actually get more on a page content wise. And the HTML 5 specs actually make more sense.

Since you probably got here through my site you already have had a glimpse of what is new and improved. With that said I will be cleaning up the site bugs in the next few weeks. If you stumble upon one of these flaws let me know and I will see if I can fix it. But for now “Cruise On Through

Webmaster Bob