Wun Tunn Zoop doesn’t want to get up!

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

Some sort of charging issue

It appears that the rear battery is getting short changed

I have had some issues with the diesel not cranking up the way it should.It has been intermittent at best through the winter. I have not had a chance to check out the factory block heater for functionality to see if that will help in cold weather starting. For now I will attack it as a charging / battery issue.

So I decided to tackle it since I had a nice day at hand. I started by taking out both batteries. The main one in the engine compartment and the other on the rear frame. Both are relatively new and premium Group 78 batteries. After taking them in for testing at the local O’Reilly where I work I discovered that the primary battery was actually OK but the rear battery was way run down. They both checked good so I went ahead and got them both fully charged and headed back to the garage.

I made a concerted effort to clean and reset the rear battery ground. It is a simple 12″ cable that bolts to the chassis. After removing the mount bolt I cleaned the contact area down, cleaned the terminal end and remounted the battery and box. And let me tell you, this is no small task. You have to mount the battery into the box and then lift the assembled pair up onto a pair of frame bolts. I have to use a jack to lift them because it is tight and the battery alone weighs in around 40 lbs !

Then I went up front to the engine bay. The van has a 3-way post setup on the core support that splits the feed and battery cables up. It appears that it has never been disassembled or cleaned. So I did it. Now all the cable ends are clean and snug. It didn’t appear to have ant issues but it is better now. After reassembling the cable block I hooked all the batteries back up.

I gave it a test start and run which went off easily. But that is with freshly charged batteries. I will have to give it a road test, maybe tomorrow, and then recheck the battery status to get a better picture on if I did fix the issue. If I did, sweet! If not, then I have more work to do. I am even considering changing out the starterĀ  as a preemptive measure. We shall see!


The HHR AC system just got stupid


The AC compressor just clicks but won’t stay engaged

It appears that the AC system on the HHR has developed a glitch. When I went to use it the other day it didn’t seem to be doing it’s job so I suspected that it was just low on 134. So I got out the gauge and a can of 134 and plugged in to check it out. It was a bit low but not enough to stop working. A bit more investigation and I found that the compressor was just clicking in for a second at a time and not staying engaged. so now I will have to make the decision as to whether to fumble around with it or just grit my teeth and take it in somewhere.

Unfortunately I have to use it this weekend Saturday so it will have to wait until Monday to head somewhere if that is what I am going to do. So until then I will do some more TS and see if I can come up with a reason and a fix.

UPDATE and FIX – After a bit of research this sis what I found. It appears that some, the key word here is SOME, AC units don’t like more than 45 ponds in the system. When you exceed that it kicks the over pressure switch. Low and behold, when I released some of the pressure back to 45 pounds, it started acting normal. So lesson learned. It was the over pressure kicking in just at a bit lower than expected. Works like a charm!

Changing the 65 ignition switch


Let’s try the ignition switch!

In another attempt to get the ratty run issue on the 65 resolved I spent some time yesterday swapping out the ignition switch and lock cylinder. The possibility of a bad connection in the RUN position was the premise. It was a cheap date and aside from being elfin magic to get your hand up into the dash, it was a no-fix fix. After contorting myself into a position where I could reach the switch and twist it out of the bezel it was a pretty straight up R&R. But sadly it was not the fix. SameO SameO!

So now I am going to totally backtrack my steps and see if I went awry somewhere along the way to attempting a fix.

  • recheck all valves and rockers are moving as advertised
  • deadstop the motor to make sure TDC is really TDC.

What it does do is catch kinda maybe and run way ratty then dies in 5-10 seconds or so. Once in a blue moon it will fire and run sweet for about 2 minutes then get ratty, die and back to a no catch condition. All efforts have resulted in the same net effect.

  • New carb [reswap back to original]
  • New distributor [reswap back to original]
  • New coil [reswap back to original]
  • New 4 gauge engine ground strap
  • new fuel pump and filter [reswap back to original]
  • new ignition switch and lock cylinder
  • drained gas tank and refilled fresh

This whole thing is bugging the fire out of me and after 24 years of flawless fun now this. Crap! But I will stay at it and promse not to throw things!

Stay tuned for the updates