The “Roseville Cruise” is NOT a Cruise! It’s a car show!


Roseville Mi! What a bunch of tools! We will know better and not show up next year!

City of Roseville

Here is where I find that the city of Roseville was a bunch of amateur cruise wanna be’s. They changed up the format with some poor communications and stealth advertising. I find this a perfect reason not to go there and the “free cruise” label was totally misleading. And then , to top it off, when cruisers did show up they, the Roseville Police Department, took advantage of the misinformation and were passing out $300 to those who chose to cruise Gratiot. What a bunch of asshats! But I guess you have to get your revenue enhancements somehow, Right!?

Roseville’s Classics on Gratiot not a cruise

Roseville’s annual classic car event Saturday will not include any cruise whatsoever and instead will feature stationary car shows. The Roseville Heritage Foundation’s Classics on Gratiot from noon to 8 p.m. will have 25 locations along a four-mile stretch between 10 Mile and 14 Mile after the foundation decided not to hold a cruise because of poor turnout and high expenses for extra police and safety personnel in previous years. Detroit News – June 10

Well, they kinda told ya but not really well!

After more than  a few years of not being able to get it right the city of Roseville, MI decided to have a “Cruise In” rather than a “Cruise

Along the way they just kinda forgot to tell the major media that it was no longer a cruise but a car show with 25 locations in Roseville. The Roseville Gratiot Cruise page is still up on Facebook but hasn’t had any activity since March 3rd.

However, on April 4 the press release on Roseville Heritage Cruise site still touted the event as a car cruise. No mention of a car “show”

Roseville’s Gratiot Cruise will start off the cruise calendar

But it was immediately followed on the same day by this release –

For Immediate Release We’re Going Old School!

“We are excited to inform you of some changes in this year’s cruise event. The title of the 2016 event will be “Classics on Gratiot” hosted by the Roseville Heritage Foundation. Various participating events will be happening along Gratiot Ave between 10 Mile Rd & 14 Mile Rd. This will include several car shows, entertainment and venders. As it was many years ago, Gratiot Ave will have a good old fashion “Cruise In” (Open Cruise). Car enthusiasts will be able to show off the pride and joy of those beautiful classics, Hot Rods, and Customs as they “Cruise In” at various locations.”

On the Roseville Heritage Cruise site for May 5 they put up a small entry with a new poster


On June 10 the Macomb Daily posted

“Classics on Gratiot is the revised name for the Roseville Gratiot Cruise, but no cruising will be allowed. Instead, organizers have arranged a series of static car shows at bars, restaurants and shops featuring vintage vehicles, live entertainment and related events along Gratiot between 10 Mile to 14 Mile roads. Hours are noon to 8 p.m.  Macomb Daily

Consider us totally informed now and the City of Roseville has given itself a black eye so that those that didn’t want to go there before just got a taste of why they don’t want to go there again. I know I won’t!

Wun Tunn Zoop is goin out cruisin!


I spent the day getting the big van ready for the Gratiot cruise tomorrow

With the 65 still down for a fuel delivery problem and the 70 still being worked on the vehicle of choice fell into the hands of the big van. I will head out in WunTunn Zoop and be part of the first big cruise of the year. Can’t miss this one! Or any of them for that matter.

Wun Tunn Zoop is up to the task. With all the room, a dual battery power system, a couple of canopies, half a dozen folding chairs, a gas grill, my portable stereo system and a big ice chest I think we have it pretty well covered. I may not be able to cruise but I will enjoy the day! And it will make a great chase van for cruises with the cars. A great place to relax when parked.

With Roseville jumping into the mix with their Roseville Gratiot Cruise on the same day as the Cruisin Gratiot event in Eastpointe the cruise will run from 8 Mile Road to 14 Mile on Gratiot. How this will play out is yet to be seen.

Two cities, two cruises, one street.

Although unrelated, the two Gratiot Cruises that will be held Saturday will create the longest de facto car cruise ever in Macomb County.

That means the eyes of the classic car world will be on south Macomb this weekend for Eastpointe’s Cruisin’ Gratiot and the Roseville Gratiot Cruise — along with the hodgepodge of businesses along the avenue.

And that’s a good thing, according to Dr. Chris Dyki, president of the Eastpointe-Roseville Chamber of Commerce.


All the cities like to keep the revenues in their city limits but with this day having two cities on the same route with a cruise one can only see this getting spread out over the two municipalities. Roseville’s previous two attempts at a cruise were less than impressive so this year they claim to be better at it. We shall see!

AM will come early and filling the ice chest and getting refreshments will start the day. Then it will be off to Gratiot to find a suitable landing spot. Not sure exactly where I will end up but it should be nice no matter what!