Fixing some little site stuff


Media Queries are still new to me!

But I am getting a handle on them. I spent some time and figured out why some of the site features weren’t behaving like I wanted on the smaller screens. Mostly attributed to some bad typing on my part.

New Features

The new snow feature on the main page is now acting like it is supposed to. And as a sidebar I have been tinkering with a newsletter feature. I signed up for Mailchimp rather than try to do it by my lonesome. It should be up this week some time. Still working on the newsletter itself.

Some other tweaking was done and at this time it appears to be OK. If you see something amiss let me know. I may have missed something on the smaller screens [ handhelds ] especially.

That’s it for now! Take a look at the new site layout when you get a chance! Thanx!




Stand by for another site redesign!


capt-crankyThis is what happens when you learn new stuff!

You want to use it!

This newest incarnation of my Bob’s Garage website is a byproduct of dabbling in the jQuery script framework. A new evolution is a structure called Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. This framework is a product brought out by the web developers at Twitter.

Originally created by a designer and a developer at Twitter, Bootstrap has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world.

It is a mashup of all the nifty commonly used assets of jquery along with many core functions and then enhanced by the integration of a scalable icon font.

And when it caught my interest I decided to play with it a bit. And I really did like it and decided to put it to use. So with that being said I am in the throws of rewriting the site into this framework. Got a bit to do yet so stay tuned for the new site!

It integrates a lot of neat things that I have wanted but didn’t think I could pull off. This framework makes it easy and doable even for an old programmer like me. Hang in there it is on it’s way!

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