Just wingin it!


Recoloring and refinishing my new wing

A color change for my HHR wing

On one of my recent forays to Parts Galore and Ryan’s U-Pick-It I came across an HHR with a factory wing. I went ahead and grabbed it off.  It was another color of course so after getting it home it needed a recolor. Not a real big deal so I got to it.

A quick rub down with some 360 and then a full wipe down with solvent it was ready for primer. The  rest was the normal prep and shoot with the matching body color. Then a couple of coats of clear and we are good to go.

Now I get to set up the wing to be bolted to the rear hatch. I will have to locate it on the door and drill the mount holes. And like most rear hatch units it is double paneled. So it will be a small task to locate the mount holes and drill the matching 1″ hole on the inside in order to bolt through the skin. But I will tackle that in the next few days if it decides to not rain. Fingers crossed.

Film at 11!


Bumper cover redo


A little touch up for my grungy PT bumper covers

Nice and black

I have always been annoyed with the look of my center sections of my bumpers. They were a charcoal color and some where along the way some tape was applied. Rumor has it that it was on the early PT’s and was for the protective covering used during shipment. And subsequently after many complaints about the permanent tape marks they, Chrysler, repainted them. I got mine way after this but decided to do it myself. Only convert them to black not charcoal. I have never done this type of paint so this is going to be a learning experience. Some prior research makes it look pretty simple.

So I got out the tools and took off the front and rear tags and mounts, the backup light assemblies . Then a bit of creative taping and I was ready to move on. This is not really anything out of the ordinary. Just the down and dirty painting basics and some reading of the instructions. [ Yeah! I know! We don’t need no stinkin instructions! ] Grabbed the ole handy dandy PrepsAll and wiped down the bumpers to get of any grease and oil. Then it was on to the painting which was a a combination of a couple of light coats of DupliColor CP199 Adhesion Promoter and then a couple of light coats of DupliColor FB105 Flex Black Bumper Coating. Boy Howdy! That brought them right around to looking a whole bunch better. Now that I got them both done I am going to let them sit overnight to cure.

So for a job well done I will take a break on the patio and admire my work from across the yard! Sounds like a plan. Gotta go my Captain and Cola are calling me!

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Computer Room / Den Redo – Part 2


It’s been a grueling couple of days but I got most of it done!

The room is repainted in the Prairie Grass green.All the windows have had all new trim and moldings. And the display / chair rail is in and functional. And I must say that it looks way better and now I can put in some of my CarDeco furniture to spice it up! My 4 cylinder coffee table may have a new home!

So with all that has been said I will give you a quick peek at what has been done.

Now thje display / chair rail feature that I put in and that I am mentioning was inspired by a picture I found on the web looking for trim ideas. My version was simply two sections of simple door casing trim glued and screwed in an L configuration. Then it was installed like ordinary chair rail. Simple an effective!

So, I do have some finish trim work to do. Pinning and filling all the molding nail holes. And there is a possibility of a color change to the rail. Dunno yet. So for now this is it. Hope you like it. If not well WhatEver!

Dinner time has arrived. Ending for the day. My hands are done for a bit too. Toodles! Later Tater! Bye Bye for now!

Redo of my Computer Room


Gee, now let me see, what should I do on my week off?

Oh I know I will strip all the trim out of the den / computer room and redo it! Yeah ! That’s it! And I will paint it another color while I am at it. Well that is exactly what I am doing. Got all the mouldings stripped out including the window stools. So now I get to fab all new inner and outer trim for the windows. Along with fixing a few flaws in the wall work. Mostly a skim coat and some sealer should get it way close.

The old color was a tan color. The new color is Prairie Grass, kinda a light green. Neutral and calming, so they say. We’ll see about that. For now it looks like it was a good choice. I have a new idea for the room that will let me display a bunch of my car posters and other stuff. Saw the idea implemented on the web in a room and it was way cool. got to get the trim in first and then play with the logistics of the chair rail feature. I think I have it figured out. In my mind at least. I will see if I  can pull it off for real in a bit.

I also downsized the computer furniture in order to fit what we are doing now. One PC is enough. I have the laptop so we are good. I swapped out the massive table for a smaller more compact computer desk. Free is good.  And it has all the features I need. I am going to keep the honkin’ white board just because! Make a great doodle board! Just ask Liam!

So I am ending the work for today. Got 2 walls done, painted and I will get the other two on the morrow. For now my hands hurt like hell and I have a hot Jet’s pizza and some cold beer online. For now I will rest and attack it in the morning.

Stay tuned! more to come.

Six thumbs up! None down!


It appears to be unanimous!

The new white top paint appears to be a winner. So far everyone that has seen the recolor of the top has been in favor of it and most of the comments have been in the area of making the car features stand out. So… White it is!

Me and the new White top

White top premier at the Clinton Township Gratiot Cruise

Had a blast! After a wet start the weatherman was right for a change and it cleared around 11ish and turned out to be a great day for cruisin and watchin!

Pics should be up later tonight! SeeYa!