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Remember that night you stayed up late watching every Crazy Town video you could find? Or when you scoured the internet for effective eye stye remedies? Google remembers those moments, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s how to scrub Google’s brain and make it forget you did any of that. Google collects information when you…

via Here’s How To Make Google Forget All Those Embarrassing Things You’ve Done Online — Consumerist

BzeroB.com – Site fixes and a new section added


226845776_80_80I may be slow but I got it done!

I finally got around to fixing a handful of link gremlins on my site. Most of them were bad links and links on pages that were used for testing. Sorry if they got in the way of enjoying the site. If I missed one or two let me know and I will get them taken care of.

I am still working on the multimedia galleries. I have lots of pics to get online. Hang in there and I will get them up as soon as I can.

New Section added

I did add a new sub-section to the Garage. Garage Clutter. Well, not really new just a bit more structured section of not car stuff linked in to the Garage page. Like my wagons, coolers, bikes and show display collections. I have one more small addition to it in the works but no biggie really. for now it is good.


And Goodbye to Twitter and Google Plus!

While some people use these a lot, I don’t! And even though they are all around on the web they really don’t do me a whole lot of good. And , for me at least, I am not wounded by not getting any traffic from them. And Twitter poop is starting to pile up all over the place. Way too many people, including politicians and actors, are just plain getting stupid on it! Can you say “ASSHATS”? Not for me. I am done trying to be a part of it. And Google Plus?! Still don’t see a useful purpose for that. Cute but so what?! That’s gone too. I will continue to link to Facebook. At least until it gets more out of hand than it already is.

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