New and Improved Bob’s Garage


I just updated the GARAGE part of BZEROB.COM

I have made the conversion from Bootstap to Bass. The css is leaner and that means quicker. I must admit it took some work but I think it was worth it.

And the new version is updated to lean down the site but also to add some new features. Like Cruise Videos and info. I will be adding some other stuff as I can get to it. There is a bit more tweaking to do for the very small screens but it is tolerable for now.

Check it out and enjoy the new view!

Bob's Garage site

Bob’s Garage site


New updates for Bob’s Garage


Another big bag of updates and stuff!

I have done a few new updates to the Bob’s Garage site. Besides some tweaking and tuning I have upgraded some of the gallery pages to a new format. I also added some new pages along the way.

Check out the new pages in the 65 Mustang / Odd Mustangs.

I put in a new format on the EVENTS page that links to a cruise description , a cruise map and other info.

Feel free to check it out when you get a chance. Stay tuned more on the way!

Bob’s Garage Updated




Bob’s Garage website tuneup!



Another bundle of tweaks and adds

I finally got around to putting up some updates and adds for the Bob’s Garage site.Included is an updated cruise calendar and some updated and new pages for my 3500 Express van. I will also be tweaking some pages, Your Michigan Car and Find Me, to use some jQuery features that I like. Check them out.

Stay Tuned!

And yes I know some of the menus in the Garage section are not right just yet! Working on it!

Web Updates and Buckethead


Dreamweaver and Buckethead?

What in the world?

And NO I did not quit taking my meds! I am just sitting here tweedling with the site code for my Bob’s Garage website and listening to some Buckethead.

I already have the new code for the front end done and up. It is a lot nicer working on smaller devices like tablets and phones. I am not sure exactly when I will put it up live. If you want to take a look you can see a preview of it at BzeroB/Test.

And the Tech Library has undergone a transition too. It is now a WordPress site. It is way easier to search through. I like it a lot better than an imbedded section. Check it out here and see what you think >>>> The Tech Library

Who the heck is Buckethead and why are you listening to him?

Kind of a good question deserves a kinda good answer.  As you may or may not know I do like the guitar masters like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and the like. Well, Buckethead  is in the same category.  And yes, he does wear a wide variety of buckets and yes, he does wear a mask. And, yes, he can rip up a guitar!

Try out this video of a PBS SoundStage session in 08

You may, or may not, like Buckethead but it is some nice working music. They say everyone moves to the beat of a different drummer. Well, this is my “Drummer”! So on with the coding!

Once Again Parts Galore Comes Through


Pop out quarter glass and a Splash grille

My most recent foray to Parts Galore netted  a set of pop-out back quarter glass and seals for the 94 Ranger. Along with that a Splash grille and eye brows.

There is crack in the upper grille bar but a bit of glass should take care of that for my uses. And it makes the front end a bit more low-rider friendly. So a quick scuff with 400 and a shot of primer gets us started in the right direction. So now if we can get the front bumper down we can get it buzzed down and shot with primer. After some repair a shot of color it should be just fine.

I am going to replace the grille with this Splash unit. I like it a lot better. So we shall see. I will get around to the pop-out windows as soon as I can. Got all the parts, glass seals, clips and hardware. And it is pretty straight forward.

Al;l the lights in the Ranger check out except for the third eye at the top of the cab. Will look into that shortly! The new front headlights and turn signals  should be here Tuesday. And they should go in quick and easy.

Like I need another project! More to come.




Update on the 65 head repair


The head rebuild came back spectacular

I picked up the head yesterday from the Hastings Auto Parts machine shop.It was excellent! And they were able to fix both the broken stud and the damaged ear bolt hole. Super!

During the tear down I was looking at all the other associated parts and made the decision to fix a nagging issue with the radiator. The last time it was serviced, over 20 years ago they did a crappy job of soldering the side rails to the tanks. Actually both top flaps had come apart. And since this is the mount point for the radiator I opted to have it repaired. Right , this time. I contacted an established local radiator repair shop that does classic radiator, Ferndale Auto Radiator Repair, and made arrangements to have it done right.  I should get it back sometime today.

And while I was at it I went ahead and put in a new water pump. Being a 6 cylinder it only has three bolts for mounting and with all the other stuff out of the way it was a quick swap. So now that is out of the way. While it really wasn’t giving me any problems I will clean it up and  keep it in stock as a backup.

The Down river Cruise on Fort Street is today!

2014 Cruisin Downriver

2014 Cruisin Downriver

Unfortunately I will not have the 65 ready for today’s Downriver Cruise. But Fear Not! Fred and I will hit the streets in the PT. I am sure I will catch up with more than a couple of my cruise buddies today so away we go! The weather is super and that will make for a long day of hangin out on Fort Street! Film at 11!


Some new website tweaks and cleanup


Cleanups are a good thing

And throw in a tweak or two and all is good. For now!

I took some time today to rummage through my site and do some needed code cleanup. And I also got around to fixing some forgotten pages that were way wrong, and I added a couple that I have been meaning to add. And to finish it all off I added some music and video clips to the mix.

If you haven’t visited lately you may want to give it a look see.

The work was done primarily in the GARAGE section. Most of the menuing in the HHR, PT and Clutter sections is now updated and much easier to use . I got the HHR and PT video pages up and running correctly. And for a special treat I added a couple of music clips on the PT Cruiser main page.

I even got around to fixing my Cruise Shirt page in the FIND ME section. I Had neglected it for a while. [ read that as forgot about it! ] So it is better than before but I still have some work to do. Like the rest of the GARAGE section!


My fingers are tired so I am calling it a good day of coding and updating. Time fire a nice shot of Captain Morgan and some TV time with Faye Dean. So long for now.

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