Terminating the engine compartment


Front On

Finishing up the engine compartment on Squeaky Toy

After being side-tracked doing some interior / exterior upgrades to Wun Tun Zoop I turned my attention back to the Squeaky Toy project

See that project here

This morning I took some time and attacked the engine compartment. It was mostly wiring but there were some other things that needed to be addressed. All the wiring has been strung but I hadn’t gotten around to terminating the connections. This allowed me to  re-bundle some of the wiring.

A major portion of this segment project was the front light harness. It is now an all on system. Meaning I am bypassing the whole running lights only to running lights with headlights scenario. Mine is all on or nothing. Including the sport lights. It does make it a bit simpler but it all comes from a single feed to a single point. So a multi-point terminal block and a multi-point ground block got the job done nicely. They are now located on the driver side of the radiator core support. All where they are easy to get to and easily maintained.

Light ’em up and watch the gauges!

Another section that got finalized was the gauge / ignition feeds. Not a big thing but still needed to be finished. I managed to locate my original coil mounting bracket. After a quick cleanup I gave it a nice paint job. And after a bit of rummaging around the goodie bins I found a new chrome Mallory coil. With the new coil mounted on the driver head face it was a nice wiring run with the oil sender and water temp wires.

Some smaller things were cleaning up the distributor clamp and bolt. And I fit the new heater hoses to the pump and intake. It became obvious that the heater hose routing on the new Edelbrock intake would work better with a 90 degree elbow intake fitting. So that is my shop stuff for the morrow.

While we are at it

One side bar item was that we had decided earlier in the project to install a rebuilt distributor so I went shopping online and while I was on the O’Reilly webshop I stumbled across a clearance on AI Cardone distributors! Mine was $22! Plus a small shipping charge. I fluked into a bargain. It is on its’ way!

All in all it was a productive day

It was a bit warmish but I just took it slow and took a lot of liquid breaks. I decided to quit around 3ish. So now it is a shower and Captain Morgan. So long for now. Consider yourself updated.

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