The HHR gets some attention


A power steering assist motor, a new exhaust system and a fresh oil change

While an oil change is not newsworthy by nature it was just a tick mark off of my list of things to do.

The power steering assist motor was a byproduct of a handful of POWER STEERING calls that indicated a fault with the motor. And when it fails you instantaneously go into full manual mode. It caught me and I handled it OK but I don’t need Faye Dean in that situation so a quick r&r resolved that issue.

The new exhaust system was because of an issue with tubing rot at a couple of locations under the factory heat shielding. The new replacement system was a pair of pieces, a resonator tailpipe and a muffler. They were easily acquired and  once the car was up in the air the sawzall made short work of the extraction. The only additional work was the obstinate converter flange bolts. A cutoff and a grinder eliminated those two problems in short time. The replacement parts went in uneventfully and is now solid and quiet. Nice!

The oil change was a perfect example of “while we are at it …“. I was due any how so it was a no-brainer to throw it on the list of goodies. I opted to try out the new Mobile 1 Extended Performance oil. It claims a 15k miles life and I am up to that. And with a new AC Delco filter it was a quicky.

Done! Done! And Done! What’s left to do?

One of the last pieces of the package is a trans fluid and filter change. I am on the 70K mark and I think it is due. But since the trans is a “sealed” type it is a bit more tricky to change. The pan drop, drain and filter swap is the normal scenario. It’s the refill that gets a bit goofy. Have a “dribble hole” level indicator is a pain because it is under the vehicle up on the side of the trans. And the only way to monitor this is with the car elevated and level. Great if you have a lift. Suckey, but doable, if you have to raise it yourself. Lots of work to do it on the cheap. The good part is that it’s not very often!

The last service will be to flush and refill the coolant. Once again not overly technical just messy. But then we should be good to go for a bit, at least.

So today will be busy finishing off the maintenance and moving on to other stuff. Stay tuned for more.


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