New Year – New Code!



I don’t have a code! The sites do! and Bob’s Library are updated!

A leaner meaner set of code to get the job done. Like I don’t have better things to do?

As a matter of fact I didn’t! A by-product of some extended time off following some medical issues allowed me to spendi my down time diligently finalizing the new set of streamlined code for and Bob’s Library websites. It is the end result of a code migration from some core code I have used for a while now, Twitter Bootstrap and the integrated jQuery, that got the job done but was way bulky on the web. Easy and pretty but with a data price. Data usage is everything to small devices! Fast is good!

And don’t believe that you have an “unlimited” data plan! Trust me, they are gonna gig you for something! But not because of me!

And for me the old code system was way over-kill. And after making some guided decisions on what I do or do not need this is the end result. And an added plus was being able to avoid major javascript embeds thanks to the progression of CSS3 capabilities. So to that end I did a bit of tweaking and massaging to get it pared down to a quick and functional size and still get the point across. This is a learning game for me. And it really doesn’t do badly on small phones.  I guess I have learned a bit along the way.

I know! I know! It’s just a bunch of techno-babble coming from an old man taking meds!

But the point is I got it up and running . And if you want feel free to take  a gander at the new site layouts and see what you think.

Thanks to all my friends and relatives for a great year and have a safe and prosperous New Year!


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