PT Cruiser up in the air

Faye deans' PT 2

Faye deans’ PT 2

Getting the PT on a lift to get a closer look at things

Today I was fortunate enough to catch a friend at his shop and he was gracious enough to let me use his hoist to get a better view of the under carriage of the PT. And it was enlightening.

What I found or didn’t find

On the initial glance around I was aware that whoever had worked on it just kinda didn’t bother to put any of the splash shields back on! Both inner liner pieces were missing along with the driver side lower shield. An most of the pinning had been left out. Asshats!

The first discovery was that the muffler had literally broken off at the mid pipe and was simply dangling by its’ mounts. And the mid pipe had issues at the seam to the head pipe. Duly noted. And the side bar issue was that it was bouncing and hitting the track bar so it was the source of the wicked clunking at the back.

And since I was there I turned my attention to the panhard assembly.  I gave the pivot assembly a pry and it was totally gonzo. Another common failure creating another annoying clunk in the rear. Noted!

Moving further forward there was no apparent damage to the power steering cooler attached to the K-member. But the glaring problem of the lower motor mount being gonzo was easily seen. Duly noted.

Then we came to the plumbing at the base of the radiator. It was drippy and wet and on further inspection it appears that the cause may actually be the seal on the servo mech immediately above it. Gravity 101. The car needs a trans service so once that is done I will see if the leak is still precisest. Meaning it is not coming from a pan leak. And then attack it as needed.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

With the inspection done it appears that a big bag of parts is in order. If I am lucky enough maybe Santa will get me what I need! Oh! Wait! I AM Santa Clause! So I guess a quick run at the web should give me a good idea of what this is going to cost “Santa”. I have already done some preliminary parts scouting and what was newly discovered I can rummage around some more.

I can do all of it myself but with winter finally settling in it may be off til spring. We will see. Well, consider yourself updated! More to come!



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