Another day and more 70 progress

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang Coupe

Not a lot but something none the less

Mirror … Mirror

I spent some time today putting the rear view mirror back on. Well… I managed to knock it off the other day while I was mucking around with the steering wheel swap. Let’s just leave it at that. It was an accident. A bit of cleanup, some mirror adhesive and we are good as new. But I did notice that after a closer look the silver on the mirror section has started to show it’s age.I may replace itt but don’t see a need right now. Maybe later.

Go ahead and vent

I did some rummaging around and since I have an open air cleaner venting the valve cover to the air cleaner is kind of a moot point . So I found a 67 HIPO valve cover breather that twists in and gets the job done and looks right. So a bit of scuff and color and the new black breather twists right in place.

We need more stuff!

I have my laundry list of miscellaneous pieces parts to get from NPD. I will make a trip tomorrow and get the missing pieces and attempt to get this project a bit closer to completion. Most of the pieces are odd and end hardware [ nuts, bolts and screws ] but there are some light housing gaskets in there too. And there is one part that seems to be a bit elusive but they have the vacuum control valve in stock. So I will make a run in the AM tomorrow. And I will be back at it tomorrow.

Truly Electrifying

I will attempt to complete the proofing of the front wiring for the ignition system and some of the switches.  Kind of a warm fuzzy that all my work doesn’t go snap POOF! when I hook up the battery! All the lighting system is checked out and working correctly. Only a few more circuits to go.

Stay tuned! I may do some pics of the whole thing if I remember!




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