Taming the bag of snakes! 70 Mustang wiring


Lots of progress! That’s a good thing!

A bit of backtracking was needed but it was for the better

This last week has been a productive one on the 70 wiring. I have attacked it in earnest and it is coming around quickly. And the tie-wraps are flying! And the crimpers are getting a workout. As are my hands. I did have to do some layout backtracking basically to simplify the wiring. since I am not using any of the multi-function factory switches that wiring can all go away.

I am feeding my new panel constant and switched hot directly. The master shut-off is in the trunk with the battery. Right now I am getting all the wiring logistically set in place and clamped down. Like I said earlier I was able to eliminate a bunch of previously wired segments because they are no longer needed. so getting it all directed and snugged up is really not that big a chore. Just a bit of standing on your head under the dash.

One recent decision was to not install a 130 amp alternator. Way too much overkill. So I tested and with a successful check-up I re-purposed the original 45 amp Autolite unit. A new solid state voltage regulator and a newly fabbed harness got it all plumbed in and we are good to go. The last segment redo is the  front light harness with all the lights tied in together. A small departure from being wired into a full featured headlight switch.  And the turn signals are really pretty straight forward. The tail harness is also done. And with the new 3 light taillight units the separate brake and turn wiring is a snap. The new fuel sender line is in that bundle also.

My switch panel

Switch Panel

Switch Panel

The basics are there but the primary functions are now simply ON or OFF. My control panel has just 5 switches and one start button.The start button has it’s own toggle switch [WHITE] to enable it. The ignition switch [RED] provides power to the ignition system only. The headlight switch [GREEN] triggers not just headlights but also all the markers and the sport lights all at once. There is no high beam feature. How often do you actually use your high beans? Really! The heater switch [YELLOW] fires the fan at medium speed. The wipers [PURPLE] are also set for medium speed with no park feature. Where they land is where they land! Simple but functional!

The Dash Panel

Now that the dash unit is fabbed and assembled it is a bit easier to deal with, The dash is only a tach, a speedo and a gas gauge. It does have a single ON/OFF/ON switch for the turn signals.and a 12 volt power port. As a side note I did go a bit thin on the base aluminum material so it is not as stable as I would like it to be but I will upgrade it to some thicker gauge stock when it is all up and running. An easy fix.

The Gauge Cluster

The oil / water / voltage gauge cluster that sits in the bottom of the dash in the center has its own harness. and I will tie it in as soon as I get the rest of the harness set. It just needs a gauge power feed, a lamp feed and the two sensor wires that go to the oil and water senders on the motor.

In conclusion

A lot of progress but some more work to do! But I am hanging with it till I get it all done! Stay tuned!



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