Simply dashing!


The new 70 dash panel is completed and installed!

70 Mustang Coupe

It is now Ready for some wiring

I finally got around to fabricating the dash insert for the 70. I have had the the sheet stock and pattern done for a bit. I just had other stuff, like this goofy thing called the WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE, going on. So yesterday I grabbed all the pieces parts and had at it. Most of it was tracing and cutting. Then it was time for the hole cutting. Not earthshaking but tedious. Getting a snug fit for the gauges is daunting but doable. Then it was time to mount it to the previously fabbed drops on the dash.

A bit of creative tracery and all the baselines were marked. Then it was figuring out the fastening. Since I have a whole pile of 1/4-20 screws that was the selected weapon of choice. Drilling the panel then progressed to drilling the dash braces to match. Then I decided to drill and thread the risers rather than through-bolt and nut. The panel is not heavy, only 3 gauges,  but with 3 supports it’s way solid. Once it was all fleshed out and all the edges finished I went ahead and gave it a nice scuff with 240 and followed with red ScotchBrite for a brushed look finish.

I have already cut the trim panels for finishing out the dash so I can now attack the wiring. All of the primary wiring is all laid out and tagged so it will be just a bit of standing on my head under the dash to complete most of the final connections. Hopefully I can start on that this week.

I do have some other stuff to do like installing the new retro hairpin style hood and trunk pins and lanyards. And some refitting the rear seat delete panels. And a fire extinguisher mount. And there may be a steering wheel change to gain some extra room. Butt just more things to do. Stay tuned!


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