Oooooo! Shiney!


Buffing and polishing the music box

Gotta be all spiffy for the Woodward Dream Cruise!

Case with head installed and speakers

Case with head installed and speakers

Since it was built I have always wanted to buff out the aluminum case on my music box. I just never got around to taking the time to do it. Well, this morning I made the time.

I spent a few minutes stripping down the music box. It was built modular so it came apart relatively easily. once it was stripped down then came the icky part of polishing the whole thing. It is not that hard just a bit messy with an 8 inch buff and the polishing compound flying everywhere. But after an hour of making a grey mess it started to come around and once it got clear it was all nice and shiny, Once that was done I wiped down the box and put a nice coat of aluminum polish on. That was almost as messy as the buffing part but at least it was on a rag. But once that was buffed of it was great.

Now came the fun part of putting all the pieces parts together. Not quite as fast as taking it apart but still quick. I even made a pass  on the plexi  speaker guard, And it came out way better looking. All in all it was worth the work IMHO. So now it is ready to crank out the jams on Woodward.

So that was today’s project. I will probably have another tomorrow. Stay Tuned!




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