Got my pins and lanyards!


I got my Spectre hood pin kits and vinyl coated lanyards

In my quest for an old school street look I got frustrated after looking at the all the local stores for some old school hairpin style hood pins and clips and plastic coated lanyards. They all had to be ordered in addition they were a bit pricey. The ones i liked were by Spectre part #42563 for the pin kit and Spectre part #4264 for 24″ coated lanyards. I found that I could get them online also. Not really surprising but still a bit pricey. What I found to my suprise was after going directly to the Spectre website these same parts were 1/2 the price and they offered free shipping on orders over $10.00! Yep! I said $10.00. When was the last time you saw that? So I went ahead and got 2 pin kits and 2 lanyard kits. All for the same price as one of each normally. And free shipping to boot.

The reason for two kits is that I am now using one pin for a trunk hold down. So now I will install the pins for the hood and finish up the pin for the trunk lid. All of them are a simple R&R. That is my project for the day. Them out on Woodward tonight.


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