A day out at the Clinton Township Gratiot Cruise


Clinton Township Gratiot Cruise

Telegraph 2016

Telegraph 2016

The last cruise before the silliness of the Woodward Dream Cruise turned out to be a great day! The weather was nice, clear and cool, perfect for a cruise. And Gratiot from 14 mile to 17 Mile was covered with cruisers and spectators starting att 9 AM. I headed out about 9ish and after stopping at the party store for some ice and then a stop for a fill-up on fuel I was on my way. Once I got to Gratiot I made  a quick circuit of the route. On my way back south I spotted some of my cruise buddies just south of 15 Mile. I was able to park with the group and “set up camp”.

From there it was an afternoon of catching up on all the latest stuff from all of us. The traffic grew as the day progressed and after it’s official kick-off  at 11 AM it was one big cruise party. I took time to make a circuit and along the way stopped for a lunch break at Kerby’s Coney Island for coneys and fries. what else?! Then it was back out on Gratiot for the remainder of the circuit and then back to our group. It was a super day out hanging with the guys and the cars.

Woodward Dream Cruise week unofficially starts on Sunday, Aug 13. And ends with the big event on Saturday Aug 20.


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