Pinning down the 70 trunk


Adding a racing pin for holding down the 70 trunk Lid

In all of the traditional racing looks hood and trunk pins are a must. I have a set on my custom hybrid hood [ steel shell with a glass cowl lift ] so it just seemed fitting to ad one to the trunk. While not a really big deal but I like consistency. So I set about adding it to the trunk lid.

The issue at hand was that I made a conscious decision to not drill any additional holes in the lid. I had seen one done with a single pin dead center near the rear lip. And in my case it would be directly under the wing. Cool but because of me decision to not drill the deck lid I started exploring some alternative  bolt-on solution.

The pin Mount

Trunk pin mount

Trunk pin mount

After some exploration while stripping out the trunk latch, catch and key lock assembly I decided that I could use the exiting catch mount points on the lid to anchor a simple plate that would allow a lock pin to be mounted vertically with the head pointed down. After a quick fab with some very light metal I fabbed up the first version. It had a bunch of bends and folds. Functional but not really a final solution. A bit of dimensioning and a second slightly different simpler piece with less folds was made. A simple set of shims eliminated the need for a couple of the folds. After test fitting the plate I needed to shorten the threading on the pin to  clear the final fit. I also needed a much thinner jam nut. The thread cutting was no biggie. The thinner nut was  a short grinding and finishing task. Then with all the pieces assembled it dropped into place.

The receiver

Trunk pin drop

Trunk pin drop

The receiver was now the task at hand. My solution was this. In the furthering of my decision not to drill any additional holes, I fabbed a simple round disc with a flat tab associated with it that would for in the round recess hole left by the removal of the lock mech. Simply a sandwich of a large fender washer on the inside and new disc / tab on the outside. The pin drops into the hole in the tab and the pin slides through to secure the trunk.

It took a bit of fabbing and noodling but I did it! I will add pics as soon as I get them.



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