Sir! It looks like a stuck plate to me!

65 Mustang Coupe

65 Mustang Coupe

A new distributor for the 65

It Solved the spark scatter at speed

Today was actually very productive. After spending some time putting the shifter assembly back together on the 70 I decided to take some time and dig into the ignition issue on the 65. It had developed a serious and annoying misfire at speed that I couldn’t seem to put my finger on. And it appeared to be truly an ignition problem . So I went ahead and got a rebuilt distributor and did a distributor swap.

The swap went pretty well except for where the hold down bolt is located. It is a treat to get to and there is no direct shot at it . So after employing a 1/2 inch shorty box wrench I got the job done. The new distributor was factory set up with points so i didn’t have to set them. Nice. I do have my trusty old Snap-on dwell-tach/tester but didn’t need it here. After a couple of attempts to get the rotor to land where it need to be it dropped in and I eyeballed the points opening and snugged it down.

Once I got back in the car I was totally expecting to have to finagle with the distributor to get a start. To my amazement it fired first try and was nice sounding. Damn I’m Good!  So I got out my trusty Sears Craftsman timing light and gave it a shot. I was only 2 degrees off and with a quick nudge of the distributor it was dead on and stable. Excellent!

A quick browse through the old distributor didn’t reveal anything obvious. Until …. I went to move the breaker plate , which should move easily via the vacuum canister. Absolutely stuck. Would not budge. So no vacuum advance! And since this distributor is a Load-A-Matic it is ALL under vacuum control, NO mechanical at all. Bad! Bad! Bad! So the 65 is back to it’s normal self. Smooth and sweet.

And I solved the overheating problem too!

What overheating problem? Where did that come from?

The car had developed a creeping heat problem which was discovered last week during my participation in the Gratiot Cruise in Eastpointe,MI. On the way to the cruise at freeway speeds the temp was climbing slowly until it came close to the top. After I got there it had a chance to cool down. I checked every thing and all looked OK. But on the run home it did the same stuff. So I went ahead and ordered a new radiator and for grins and giggles I replaced the thermostat with another 160 unit. And to cover all possibilities I got a new water pump too.

The radiator went in quickly as did the thermostat. And after a water refill I took it for a test drive and all was cool again! I will drain the water and put in the antifreeze tomorrow. We are not going to freeze overnight, but this is Michigan and anything is possible! But I think I am safe for a couple of days at least. And I can take the water pump back and that should about cover the antifreeze.

And now for the loud exhaust!

The muffler is toast. I gotta do something about that!

It has been decided to wholesale out the complete exhaust system end to end. It was replaced back in the 70’s and the muffler has since developed a large rot out where the water drain hole was. It has evolved from a 1/8 inch drain hole to a cavity that you can put two fingers in. Sounds kinda cool but I want it quieter.

And we all know how things go and since I was planning to replace the muffler and tailpipe it wasn’t a stretch to just bite the bullet and get the whole damn thing! It’s all ordered and should be here tomorrow. Looks like I have my Sunday planned for me.

Capt Cranky

Capt Cranky

So for now I am done. My hands hurt and I am vegging out on the patio with some smooth Pat Metheny  jazz on the stereo, some Captain Morgan Long Island Ice Tea in a glass and Bratwurst, fresh broccoli and a nice sweet potatoe on my plate. I’m good! Talk to you again soon!




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