The seat belts are in and the seats are bolted down!

4 Point cam-lock belts

4 Point cam-lock belts

The weather yesterday was nice. Cool and breezy. So I was able to get some work done on the 70.

I was doing the final mounting of all the belts and decided to use all fresh hardware. And that also let me bypass the factory T50 torx head bolts. I went and got some grade 8 bolts and washers that fit the bill nicely. It was a quick and simple install for all pf the lap belts. After putting off the mounting of the final piece of the safety harness, the shoulder strap mount, I went ahead and dove into doing it. It took a couple of minutes to find a suitable spot for the mount plates that I bought previously but I found one so I went ahead and grabbed the trusty cordless and had at it. Once drilled it was an easy job to stack some washers in the mount bolt so as not to jam the adjusting slot. The only tricky part was reaching under the car with one hand while trying to start the bolt with the other. Then I went ahead and snugged down all the seat mounts.  With that done I did a test run in both seats and it was good.

It is still a bit of a struggle to get in and out gracefully but what the hey! It looks cool! So to top off a good days work I treated myself to a steak and some Capt Morgan.



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