I don’t think I told you … the 65 is alive and well


After another repair of a self-induced problem, the 65 is back on it’s wheels and running fine.

At a good spot to watch the cruise

At a good spot to watch the cruise

To refresh your memory I had a bout with the 65 not starting last season and did some major renovations. Carb, distributor, coil, ignition switch. I even pulled the head and sent it out to be redone. And after reassembly I battled a no start condition for a bit.

First the Distributor and now the Spark Plugs

It wasn’t until I took a deep breath and stepped back and started from ground zero that I discovered I had put the distributor in 180 out! Quick fix with immediate results. But while it did run it was very ratty. When I attacked the problem of the crappy idle I once again went back to the basics. And on removing the new plugs and checking them I fond that I had set them all wrong! Once I figured out that they were all wrong I reset them to the correct .32 and reinserted them. Presto! Chango! It works like a champ!

While I am not sure of the exact cause of these two “brain farts” I do admit that I did get over them. So with the brain damage being noted I am doing the work on the 70 with a more cautious approach. So on with the show! For now it is prep for the upcming cruise season that starts June 11 with the Roseville Gratiot Cruise


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