The garden is done!


Faye Deans garden is tilled, cleared and planted

The garden plot

It took a little bit but it is ready. A bit of prep work and I cleared her 4 x 16 plot. I was going to do it all by hand but I opted for a much less traumatic process. I went to the local Chet’s Rent-all and rented a small gas tiller for $28 for 2 hours. It made short work of the garden plot. And even making 5 passes I was done in less than an hour. So back it went and it was on to the planting. My grandson, Logan, came over to assist with that also went pretty fast. After figuring out the spacing in they went. Most are tomatoes butt there are some peppers and Logan donated some strawberries. So now it is wait and see. All that is left now is to find some economical tomato cages.

Wagon Planter

When we were done with that I decided to turn a derelict rusted Radio Flyer wagon I had salvaged into a planter. I drilled about 16 holes in the pan and then taped off the upper lip and shot the tub area with a can of undercoating I had in the shop. A layer of gravel and a layer of leftover weed stop fabric and the soil went in. Faye Dean had gotten some flowers at the local Lowes so they found a new home. She likes it!

My NEW lawnmower

Yes, I said new. After struggling with old used lawnmowers for countless years I had finally had enough. It was being annoying to start and keeping it running was a project. So while we were at Lowes I decided to grit my teeth and buy my first ever new lawn mower! This one was a 21 inch Troy-Bilt. And it was on sale! And I got my military discount! Sweet! Once home it came out of the box and was easily assembled.  Once I added the oil and gas it was showtime! I crossed my fingers. One pull and it was alive! I haven’t had that in many many years! So I gave it a good test run on the rear yard. Nice! And it is way lighter than the one I had. So I will give it another test run on the front yard tomorrow.

I have to split up my mowing because with the triple lot it is a bit of a chore. And then the edging and trimming is always a workout. But it looks good once it is done. But then I have to do it again next week. Oh well!



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