A bit of buffing and sanding


* Polishing out my aluminum toolbox

I took some time yesterday and decided to polish out my newly acquired aluminum tool box. Did I have to? No! But I thought it would be cool. So I did it! After stripping all the hardware off I went goofy buffing off the whole box. I actually came out pretty nice! I will set about resetting the handle and latches later today. The bottom was pretty beat up so I will do something to protect it. I am not sure what as of yet but I will come up with something simple.

* Stripping my Coronado kit

After buffing out the toolbox I decided to keep all the power tools out and attack my Coronado kit. It was apparent that it was not taken care of and was probably in storage for a while. And it was a bit rough in spots so I attacked it with a body grinder and some wet dry. It appears that it was originally black but along the way it was partially sanded and repainted in heavy primer. And primer does not stop rust leaving the surface terrible. So I proceeded to resurface the whole unit.

While I got a large portion of it done before having to quit because my hands were killing me. So the next step will be final scuffing and the some heavy primer sealer to finish off for now. I will strip and seal the inner surface while I am at it. But it will have to wait till tomorrow.

Stay tuned! More to come!


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