A weekend out Swap Meeting


Two big swaps in one weekend

The Fowlerville Swap and Bearing Burners


I went out to the Fowlerville swap with a friend on Saturday.  The weather was cool, overcast but dry. After picking him up we made the 40 mile run out to the Fowlerville Fairgrounds. This is a 3 day event sponsored by the VMCCA. And it is always a good meet. We spent about 4 hours wandering the vendors and found some “neat stuff”. It’s a good thing we took my shop wagon. It gets tough carrying all the goodies around, not including coats and drinks. Especially with two of us.

I found a cool small aluminum tool box, a utility Audiovox audio mount for a tractor or the like and the big prize was a 52/3/4 Ford Coronado kit! This is an unusual and prized item for this year vehicles. While a bit rough it was intact. And a bit of negotiating got it down to a good price. Basically it is a fake continental bump for the trunk lid. It is a piece that you either love or hate. I like it because it is unusual. A bit of cleanup and it is going on.


This swap was on Sunday and the weather was cold, overcast and soggy. By soggy I mean no rain just mist all day long. Well I guess that is rain kinda sorta. I went out on my own to that one and it was a quick run out to 21 Mile Road in Shelby Township. The first discovery was that tennis shoes were a bad choice in footwear. They were squishy after only 10 minutes on the grounds. But I persevered on.

I did meet a few friends while I was there including Dana from CruiseNews. And I spent the next couple of hours strolling the aisles looking for stuff. Nothing in particular just neat stuff. I scoredonly a pair of items. A street rod fuse panel and a battery isolator.

That was it. It was a good meet but I didn’t hang around longer than I had to. So I was home by 11ish. And spent the rest of the day indoors warm and dry! All done it was a great weekend out and about!



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