Building the 70 Mustang rear light harness


Building the new rear light harness

All laid out and ready for assembly

During the last few days of outstandingly nice weather I got energetic and tackled the rewiring of the rear lights in the 70. And it was very productive. Since the taillight themselves were upgraded with a 3-bulb setup on each side I decided to take advantage of it and re-function the taillights. By re-function I mean rewire them to use 2 of the 3 for stop and the remaining 1 for the turn and run as original. Bigger badder taillights is the result. And I threw in a new gas gauge feed because it was headed that way!

After building a new multi-wire feed bundle Ii threaded the wiring following the factory path. Through the kick panel, down to the door channel an up over the rear wheel house and into the trunk. It gets a bit tedious under the rear window panel but easy enough. Then it was a simple project to connect all the lamp pigtails ,including the side markers and license plate, to get the logistics right. So later today I will solder up and finalize all the pieces parts into a complete harness.

I have a partial day at the store so I can rest my hands and let them recover so I can tackle the soldering job this afternoon.  Stay Tuned

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