70 Steering wheel quick release adapter is on

70 Mustang Coupe

I got my quick release adapter from Summit yesterday

A simple install gets complicated

And I went ahead and plunged into the install. While the adapter is very straight forward it did require the removal of the turn signal assembly. No biggie just a but of finagling to get it out. And while I was at it I went ahead and removed the key lock cylinder. No need for that if I have a removable wheel right? With all that out of the way there was plenty of room to work. I went ahead and did the simple install of dropping the new splined insert onto the shaft and nutting it down.

That’s when things got silly!

As I was tightening down the nut that came with the adapter kit for some reason it got part of the way down and jammed. Yep! Jammed! And did nott want to come off. So …. I ended up having to cut it off. And when I did it was apparent that the softer new nt left a whole bunch of material in the threads of the column. So I spent the best part of an hour clearing the threads. Then I had to fab a new nut from shop stock. The threading wasn’t the issue at hand but it was a unusual thin nut to clear the adapter unit when installed. That took another hour of trimming but after a couple of trial fittings I got my fab unit thin enough to work correctly, So on it went.

After mounting my steering  wheel to the removable part of the adapter it was try out time. The unit slides on nicely and is secure with no play. The only issue I have at this point is that when you have to grasp the adapter outer collar that releases the wheel the clearance for your fingers is a bit snug. Other than that it works great!


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