Parts for the 70

70 Mustang Coupe

Steering in the right direction safely!

I ordered some new pieces for the 70 to get back on track with this project.

A Tight Squeeze

Grant3002BI was having an issue with the new racing seats install. Well, not the seat themselves. They are just fine. It was the act of getting in and out of them that was the rub. Actually it was more like a tight squeeze. During the fabrication of the new dash I had to get in and out a few times to get some “seat perspective”. That was interesting, to say the least. I had to do something about it.

I was initially considering a D shaped steering wheel. But after consulting with a friend who is an experienced race fabricator he said no, just get a removable wheel hub. Damn it made sense. Just remove the damn wheel race car style.

After a quick online search I found just that from Grant who happens to make the steering wheel I have installed. A subsequent price search found it at a reasonable price at my old friends at Summit Racing and it is now on it’s way.

I’m gonna belt you!

Stamped seat belt anchor plates

The next piece of the project just happens to involve the seats again. Only this time it is installing an anchor point for the seat belt shoulder harness. We have settled on a floor based fixture. But after some pre-install research I was enlightened about not using a simple, and common,  bolt and round washer set-up. It has some pull-thru issues. I did find a better solution with a stamped piece to combat this flaw. So once again a quick web search found them on Ebay for a good price. And they are winging their way to me also.

So …. all I can do now is wait for the parts and wait for some better weather which is tentatively predicted for later this week. What ever?! Wait and see.


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