Re-purposing a Dodge truck jump seat


Today’s project is to modify a Dodge truck center console / middle seat

The Subject

This was a brainstorm idea that appeared during my hunting expedition to find the Express seat hinge. It  happened during my browsing through Ryan’s and Parts Galore. I have a habit of checking out conversion vans for miscellaneous goodies. This time I perused a couple of late model Dodge 2500 Extra cab pickups. The front seat has a very wide center fold-down console that folds up to become the middle seat of the bench. After a further look it was actually a whole separate unit base and seat. On first glance it appeared to be about the right size to fit between the front seats in Wun Tun Zoop. I managed to snag a nice unit for $20 and got it home.

The disassembly

After a full inspection I determined that it really was about the right size to fit between the front seats in the Express. After a test fit it was just as I suspected. Then I came the re purposing part. Since I didn’t need the seat feature I removed all of the upholstery and all the molded foam sections. What was left was a raw skeleton with a folding console top. Since it was built to be a seat it had all sorts of support features which were way overkill for my needs. So I figured out what could go and made that happen.

But will it fit?

At that point it was another fit check to work out some logistics for mounting it and getting it to the right height. No biggie. Then after checking for any interference with the existing glove box it came down to eliminating some of the heavy framing intended to support the seat function. It now was down to a fighting weight with no extra baggage. Just the console top with storage and a lower frame.

The next step will be to bracket it to be stable. More than likely it will be bracketed between the seat mount bolts. With a small hiker to bring it up. Another project for another day. But fro now it is ready for installation. And the console top opens up to reveal a  rather large storage area which includes room for a clipboard. Nice.

Once again I will pause to give my hands a break and tackle the rest later. Stay Tuned.


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