Just pull the lever and lay back


I fixed the broken passenger recline handle in Wun Tun Zoop

The problem

After a bit of procrastination I finally got ambitious enough to replace the damaged / annoying recline handle. It appears to have been broken for some time [ years ] and the solution as it arrived to me was a pair if vice-grips as the lever. That was ghetto but functional and totally not me.

The Solution

The unfortunate part of this fix was that you have to replace the whole seat-back hinge assembly to cure it. After some quick research in my factory manual I got the inside poop and decided to do it.  Then a quick online search revealed that this hinge assembly was over $100. Ow! That was rash. And a discontinued part. So out parts hunting I went!

The trophy

I hadn’t been parts scrounging lately so I decided to cruise through the local yards to see what was “new”. On my pass through Parts Galore and Ryans Auto, our two local U-Pull-It yards. I cane across a couple of vans that were doner candidates. Getting the hinge plate off was super simple since damaging the upholstery was not an issue. And when I got to the check out they charged me, drum roll please!,l $2. Yep $2! I headed back to the shop / garage with my new trophy. Now the hard part started.

The Fix

Like I said before the doner seat upholstery was already toast. Mine was primo. so in order to do it right I had to remove the seat and flip it over to get to all the upholstery tabs. Not an easy task but necessary. Once i got all that loose and out of the way I was able to get 3 of the 4 screw out. And after a bit of wresting trying to get the seat back upholstery up high enough to get to the upper screw I made the unilateral decision to make a single access cut to get to it. Done! It all bolted back together and got reassembled. Once I installed the new CORRECT lever and bolt it worked as it was supposed to! Excellent!

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

But when it was all done I must say that my hands paid a heavy price for the install and hurt like hell. But a nice long hot bathtub soak helped my knees and my hands. So all is well for now. On to the next project! Maybe I will tackle the passenger door handle next. We shall see





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