The spare is back where it belongs!


The spare tire on Wun Tun Zoop is back under the chassis in it’s factory home.

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

This is thanks to the acquisition of a spare tire hoist from Ebay. After a bit of prep work with wire brushes and red scotchbrite the pieces all got a nice coat of primer and black epoxy. Once it was all dried I headed under the van to mount the unit and put in the frame bushings for the winder tube. Basically one bolt and one pin. Then it was time to wrestle the monster 1-ton spare under and get it positioned on the lift cable. With that done it was a simple task of winding it up into place with the factory tools. That takes a bit of cranking but it ended up in the spot it belonged in.

So now i have a whole bunch more room in the van . Nice! Well on to the next project. Replacing the damaged passenger door handle which arrived in the mail yesterday.

Maybe tomorrow! We shall see.


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