Parts for the One Ton


Spare tire carrier and passenger door handle

Parts are on the way

Well, in reality the spare tire carrier winch assembly is already here

The spare tire winch issue has been around since I got the beastie. I know it was so silly of me to see if a) it had a spare and b) if I could get it down from under the van.  The answer to a) was Yes, it had a spare and b) was Heck NO! It was stuck in place. And it didn’t look like it had ever been down. With the help of a cutoff tool and a pair of sturdy jacks I cut the monster free. And I went ahead and removed the frozen winch assembly. After a quick cleanup the wheel was reconditioned and the tire was cleaned and prepped. Since then it has been on the floor of the van. And let me tell you this 1 ton wheel and tire bad boy is heavy and huge,


After some assistance from some forum friends it was decided that if I could find a decent winch get it and put it back under the van where it belonged.  So the search began and via Ebay I quickly came across good used one in Florida. Got it! And it is fully functional. Really clean but I am going to clean it up some more and paint it for good luck since it is going back under the van. And this is Michigan!

I have already stripped and cleaned the tube, mount clips and grommets. I can do that whire its still cold out. The paint will have to wait for a couple of days till we get painting weather.. above 45. Which will be in a few.

the door handle is on it’s way


As for the door handle.That too has been a problem from the get go but not earthshaking. One of the mount studs is broken. And that is a major problem with all late model door handle made of plastic. Especially in the cold weather like Michigan. So I found one on Ebay cheaper by half than the same unit I can get through Murrays! So Bing! Bam! Boom! I got it on the way . I will tackle it a bit later because you have to de-shell the door to get to the mount bolts. Another project for another day!



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