Replacing the lost bumper brackets


I now have a complete front bumper, guards and brackets

Plus another set of brackets

What in the world is going on here?

Let me explain how this happened. In the beginning I made the discovery in early December  that i had misplaced the front bumper brackets. So after a thorough search I decided to acquire another set. So I went t o the 54 Ford Forum and placed a parts wanted ad for the brackets. I got a response within a day that a member in Washington state had a set. Cool! After 6 weeks and numerous attempts to contact the member Failed I decided to take another avenue.

In my web search I stumbled upon a dismantler in North Dakota that had a front bumper assembly from a 54 on his Ebay store. And after a couple of messages back and forth I went ahead and purchased the whole set. Bumper, guards and brackets. And made the shipping arrangements. Cool! I had the parts on their way.


But the story doesn’t end there ….. the day after I had purchased the whole bumper assembly I got a phone call. It was the gentleman that i had been trying to get a hold of in Washington State. He asked if I still needed the brackets. I politely said no and that was the end of that. Until the following day when I got a phone call from Joe in Florida saying that he saw my ad on the 54 Forum and did I still need the brackets. After a short conversation I said yes and asked how much. He said he had a few 52-53-54’s and a bucket fill of these brackets. And that they were free if I paid the shipping! Say What?! I was ecstatic! I told him I would compensate him for the shipping and the parts. He then said he would bundle and ship them and notify me of the cost. Nothing up front.

He then called the next day to tell me that the package was on it’s way. Excellent! The arrived here a couple of days ago the day after the bumper assembly arrived. So now I have more than enough parts to get the job done.

Today I am disassembling them all for cleanup. And stripping and painting the best of the 4 brackets. So it’s out to the shop for some grinding and painting. Gentleman! we are making some progress here! Hopefully i can continue on with it.

Stay Tuned!


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