Some new project energy


The new year brings some renewed motivation. i hope!

It’s a start at least!

I have started collecting pieces parts for a renewed dedicated effort to make some serious headway on the 54 Ford lowrider and the 70 Mustang.

First up – I purchased an add-on turn signal unit that bolts to the column for the 54. I cannot rely on the factory installed unit for a variety of reasons and when $20  gets a solution I am going to go with it.

Next – In the long term work on the 54 I had somehow “misplaced” the mount irons for the front bumper. And after purchasing what I thought was a set actually was not. Since then a search on the 54 Ford forum has gotten me in touch with another set. Excellent! Another stumbling block averted.

I have also amassed all the tubing I will need to totally  replumb all of the fuel and brake lines. So that will be an interesting project all by itself. And the main electrical harness is ready to be installed. I am fabricating two sub harnesses for the ignition and the alternator / regulator.

fingers-crossedI am actually proud of myself for making this sort of headway this early in the year! I just hope I can keep it up. We shall see! Wish Me Luck! Bob


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